Affirmative Action and “Racial Impersonation” charges

Students Disrupt Meeting While Regents Try to Discuss Professor
A Colorado academic, under fire over writings on the 9/11 attacks and for saying he’s Indian, will be investigated.
By David Kelly
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

February 4, 2005

AURORA, Colo. – A student protest turned into a brawl here Thursday, shutting down a meeting of the University of Colorado board of regents after it agreed to investigate a professor who compared the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to Nazis.

Several dozen supporters of professor Ward L. Churchill repeatedly shouted down regents as they discussed whether the instructor had crossed the line of academic freedom.

“He would not have been published and promoted if CU didn’t think he was an Indian.”

Well, wasn’t that an admission that affirmative action does involve lower standards, both professionally and morally? I have said many times that affirmative action belies its alleged purpose by encouraging predominately white persons to call themselves racial minorities. They can get away with things that would not be tolerated from those identified as white.

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