1. http://www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/multiculturalnb.html#best

    10 Best Cities to have an Interracial Relationship

    1. Seattle, 2. Minneapolis/St. Paul, 3. San Francisco, 4. Phoenix, 5. New York, 6. Denver, (7. wasn’t listed), 8. San Diego, 9. Portland, and 10. Los Angeles.

    10 Worst Cities to have an Interracial Relationship

    1. Birmingham, 2. Detroit, 3. Cleveland, 4. Dallas, 5. Cincinnati, 6. St. Louis, 7. Boston, 8. Philadelphia, 9. Atlanta, 10. New Orleans.

    Source: Mia For Latinos & the People Who Love Them

    2005-04-28 21:11:00

      1. I’m pretty sure that they do surveys. I think that the first one was done by InterRace magazine a few years ago. Somehow I ended up in Montclair, it sure isn’t the nirvana of racial harmony that the town would like you to believe that it is but it isn’t half bad and mixed couples don’t get a second glance here.

        2005-05-12 20:29:00

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