The “Guess My Race” Game

This silly “Guess My Race” game fails to point out that the racial classification system is illogical. The public is also entitled to know that the very white women who classified themselves as “black” (Claiming African ancestry with only “traces” of European and Native American, what nonsense!) have probably been reared to believe that they are not good enough to claim any ancestry but “black.” The public should have been informed that people with the same or more African ancestry can be classified as “white” or otherwise nonblack.

This “game” also attempts to fool the public by pretending that “Hispanic/Latino” is a census racial classification. They do not tell us that these Latinos probably classified themselves as either “white” or “Other” on the Census.

The “Asian” category is also far too vague to make much sense.

They used people who looked reasonably “Native American” for that category, but failed to point out all the white-looking and even a few black-looking people who are enrolled members of Indian tribes.

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