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We hope that you are all enjoying the summer! Last month, we celebrated the 38th Anniversary of Loving v. Virginia (the case that overturned all anti-miscegenation laws) with a couple of local events and a radio appearance at WBAI in New York City. We were excited for the opportunity to raise some visibility over the airwaves! Check out our conversation with Asia Pacific Forum by clicking on the link on this page:

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tracking representations of mixed people in the media

1) Media Betrays Society’s Ambivalence Toward Interracial Couples


1) Adopted biracial man finds out he’s an African prince
2) MACT celebrates 25 years
3) Is “mixed” just a way of saying “not black”?
4) What were the L.A. riots really about?
5) IR romances in Harry Potter series
6) Marry Chinese women! says Jackie Chan
7) Find out fast if you are his “First Black”
8) Are black relationships inherently dysfunctional?
9) There Goes : The Neighborhood”
10) Oh no. Hybrid Vigor on the big screen?!


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