Mixed-race marriages — and tolerance — soar

Andrew Herrmann of the Chicago Sun-Times on Mixed-race marriages — and tolerance — soar:

Irene Carr’s father was a minister, but he could not perform her marriage ceremony. He couldn’t because it was illegal in the 1950s for interracial couples to wed in Missouri.

Irene is white; her now-deceased husband, Leon, a steelworker, was black. They eventually married in Chicago and reared three sons. When one told them he knew of no mom or dad like his, they helped start a support organization for biracial couples like themselves.

Contrary to the wishes of the hard left and hard right, people are blurring the lines and giving neo-segregationists the finger. Read the rest here.


  1. What is your opinion of the public campaign of Jewish Americans speaking out against inter-faith marriages decreasing their population?

    8/3/2005 7:12:13 PM

  2. Neo-segregationist.That sounds like me in a nutshell.
    Racial environmentalist is another one.
    Mixing is another, “you go to heaven if you do it!, else you will be tossed in the eternal fire!” self-destruction ploy of the hebrew.
    It is all a Chosenite ploy to dilute the race of Magog. Us racial Amalekites (indo-europeans) shall forever haunt them untill we are destroyed, for some reason, I don’t really understand it.
    But it feels pretty good to be absolutely dispised by them, Israel blows.

    8/26/2005 2:20:56 AM

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