Status Report

I’ve finished incorporating The Abolitionist Examiner into the new database driven portal at Any external links or personal bookmarks linking to commentaries, letters, pages, etc. in the prior html format will continue to function. I’ve employed a redirect script to take visitors to the new location of each file as I continue the process of adding the page to database and then deleting the html file from the website.

Now that The Abolitionist Examiner has been converted and the database is in place and has been working fine for several weeks, it is a matter of finishing the import of hundreds of pages of more html content from The Multiracial Activist, including:

  • Commentaries, Articles, Online Books, etc.
  • Advocacy and Comment Letters
  • Legislative and Judiciary information related to interracial families
  • Links directory
  • Links to specific international news coverage of multiracial and interracial issues

    Also, I am currently looking for submissions for both The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner. Please send submissions to:

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