Kicking It Up A Notch

The Multiracial Activist
October 12, 2005
From the Editor:

Over the next month, you may begin to notice the archives of A Mixed Blog slowly disappearing. Following completion of The Multiracial Activist's conversion from static html pages to a Mambo driven portal, the entries and comments from this blog will also be incorporated into the new format at Nearly two years of content has already been incorporated into the new portal.

As of this entry, A Mixed Blog is officially closed for new blog entries. However, comments on existing entries will still be accepted until I hit the final delete button. Blogging will continue at's home page.

Further, TMA will now allow members to publish their own blogs at Benefits of membership include the ability to leave comments on articles and news items as well as your own blog, hosted by Membership is free – join today!

While most of the html content has already been moved and is functioning, the design at will change to a more pleasing template. This is merely a front-end adjustment and will not affect any urls or bookmarks. Please bear with us as this improvement continues.

When it is finally done, it will have been worth the effort.

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