Jim McNally and Cathy Simpson

Jim McNally and Cathy Simpson
The New York Observer
by Daisy Carrington
Met: Sept. 10, 2001
Engaged: Aug. 27, 2005
Projected Wedding Date: Sept. 9, 2006

It was just another vacuous Fashion Week party at Lotus in the meatpacking district when Cathy Simpson, a slender actress who appeared in the HBO version of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, first spotted Jim McNally, a graphic designer and co-owner of Lifesize, a foreign-film distribution company. “He had this ridiculous look,” said the chocolate-complected Ms. Simpson, 38, mimicking his slack-jawed expression.

“I made the stuff they’re playing,” he told her, nodding toward the video installation. Ms. Simpson was showing off her best assets that night in a tight-fitting pair of jeans and a beige ruffled top, and the normally quite shy Mr. McNally was emboldened by a potent combination of drink and lack of sleep.

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