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Hi…..I was reading through the rather….interesting…book, At Issue: Interracial Relationships, and it got me a bit stirred up. I am a white male, in a loving relationship with a slightly younger, mulatto (<<Her preference) female. I decided that it would be a good idea to offer my opinion, because those who don’t say anything can’t say anything about the consequences. So here’s my essay:

Interracial Relationships

By: Chris B.

I will start this out, if I may, by stating that these bigots and snakes-in-the-grass that claim that the intermarriage of races is “committing genocide against the White people” are nothing more than a pack of racists, and to toe the line, possibly have Nazi sympathies as well. Who else would discourage the beauty that is two individuals falling in love, based solely on the color of their skin, their heritage? Who else would be so ignorant as to push their outdated, and Victorian, ideas upon their children, so as to further spread the hate that is a plague in our nation? If there is a “racial divide” in this country, it is a divide that exists solely in those of closed mind.

I have been accused of being many things, from a proponent of this “genocide” to a Communist sympathiser. But I will be the first to tell you, I am a staunch supporter of this cause, and even though you may say such things about me, it will not avert me from spreading my message. So continue to spread your propaganda over the radio, the television, in your hateful speeches and your marches. There is a new view on this issue in this world, and it is coming upon us quick. There is no stopping it short of eradicating all of my kind, those who would seek another solely based upon love and not upon meaningless criteria such as skin color, nationality, or religious belief. To do that, you would have to become that which you call my kind. Murderers, you say, genocidal people of ill intent. I can tell you, in your hate you may eliminate one, five, ten, fifty, maybe even one hundred couples, but know that for every one of us you decide to “cleanse” there are another three or four couples coming toghether at that exact moment. You are outnumbered. You are defeated, and yet you are too blinded by your ignorance to see it. White supremecists are quickly becoming victims of an obselete mode of thought.

I am white. I am one of the ones who chooses to “tarnish” myself by loving a mulatto woman, according to the bigots. I am agnostic, and I am not bound by the points you have in your bible. Show me proof of my damnation and I will gladly tell you to put it in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. You question why? It is because I have come to know that if indeed there is a being out there, it is a being of undivided love. Were the racists to have me at their feet and my death moments away, I would not repent in my conviction. By being open-minded, and loving my partner for who she is, and respecting everyone for who they are, I am closer to salvation than any of those who claim I am causing genocide.

My heaven is here on earth. She is the one thing that keeps me going at all times. And to have a love as such, that is divine. So keep your hateful speech, take your hateful documents and burn them and divest yourself of the hateful garment you have clothed your hearts in. Accept that it will come, sooner or later, and that all is well. No one wants to be a subject of persecution, and sooner or later the minimal, if at all, protection white supremecists are offered will be gone. There will be no more radio shows of hateful speech. There will be no more racial slurs. There will be no more blind hatred of each other. And then, your obsolete ways will shine all the brighter for my kind to pity you.

So, in conclusion, I ask that you consider this: When you present yourself before whatever diety you believe in, if you indeed believe in a diety or dieties, what will you say to explain your actions? Will you claim to have been protecting the future? Will you put to words your feeble ideals that you cling to mercilessly, a shaky foothold that is all you have in your ideology? Will you try to prevent the inevitable collapse of your way of thinking as it is shown to you that love, not hate, is the passage to whatever your paradise is? Hate has the power to move boulders of a large magnitude, metaphorically. Love can move mountains. Which would you rather do?

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