Goble- Sizemore’s 12/29/05

Hi, My name is Anthony Goble .I’m a direct male descendant of Johann Frederick Gabel of Offenbach Germany, who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1738.Johann’s son , Christian, ended up in Floyd Co. Kentucky. All Goble’s in that area are descended from Christian. My ancestors were listed as Christian [Lutheran] in German church records, but I’m convinced they were converts who knew their Jewish heritage. I became intrigued by noticing that all the women my ancestors married had Jewish sounding last names. [jacob, Hornberger, Weiss, Rhinemueller, Braunstein, Spiess] I couldn’t believe this was mere coincidence !Then after research, I found Gabel is a popular ashkenazic name. I decided to have a dna test to confirm my suspicions. The tests put me decidedly into the J2 Haplogroup[one of two major Jewish haplogroups]and even more stunning, all the other database matches, from all over eastern Europe listed themselves as Ashkenazi Jews!

So, no one in my father’s family [at least the living] knows of a Jewish identity but the ancestors all the way down to my grandfather married only Jewish women. This is the truth despite the fact that two of my male ancestors were Christian ministers! I was raised Christian myself but am firmly shocked and convinced of my recently discovered Hebrew identity!

Now to the second part of my observations and conclusions. The original Jewish mandate as given to Abraham was blessing to him and his offspring, through the male line. This is interesting because the male y-dna is passed intact from father to sons only and remains almost identical for hundreds of generations. This means all the sons of Abraham even unto the present carry virtually identical y-dna[Abraham’s, or whoever the founders were].As you can imagine this is heady information I’m trying to grasp the meaning of[what does it mean to be a genetic Hebrew but not a practicing Jew]

The other part of my known heritage is even more enigmatic and intriguing.My paternal grandmother is Sally [Sizemore]Goble,who is 100 yrs old and still lives down the road from Jenny Wiley state park.She is the daughter of Popee HAWK sIZEMORE,SON of Bill Hawk,son of William Blackhawk ,son of Goldenhawk, son of George all Sizemore.As you may be aware, thats as far back as we know for sure.

I have always been intrigued by the exotic looks of my father,Bert,He is almost full Ashkenasic from his father [Johnny’s] side ,but bears the mixture of the melungeon Sizemores.When he was young he looked like a cross between a Cherokee and an Arabian sheik!Now that he’s older,73,he looks a lot like ariel Sharon !My uncle ‘Blue’ Goble,with his long beard and fierce countenance looked like an ayatollah in his last years .Even my uncle Fred Goble looks somewhat ‘semetic’ with his hooked nose and darker complexion.

As you can see , my heritage is definitely metis and melungeon!I have learned more about my heritage than I ever thought possible but am still clueless as to many of the details on the Sizemore side.Any comments or additional information on any part of this blog is welcomed and appreciated!


Tony Goble

my e-mail address is [proteus2112@hotmail.com ]

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