Emil’s Big Chance Leaves Me Uneasy

Emil's Big Chance Leaves Me Uneasy

If I use my son's fair-skinned good looks to pay for his education, am I being savvy or just selling out?

by Tricia Capistrano 

 June 19, 2006 issue – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have the most popular baby in the world right now, but I do not envy them. I had my taste of celebrity when I took my infant son on a trip to the Philippines two years ago. I walked away from him for a moment at a baby- goods store in Manila and when I returned, he was surrounded by four women in their 20s who were ogling him. "He is so cute!" they said. "So fair-skinned!" Whether we were in the mall or at church, people would gather around to look at his face.

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