Professor Richard Hand

Professor Richard Hand
Bob Jones University

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

In South Carolina, you had this guy, this professor, at Bob Jones University sending thousands of e-mails all over the state saying I had fathered an illegitimate child, Mr. McCain said, with his wife, Cindy, sitting across the aisle on the campaign bus.

Mr. McCain said the professor later said he was referring to the 8-year-old Sri Lankan girl the McCains adopted several years ago.

It's disgusting, despicable stuff, Mr. McCain said.

Clearly, the intent of this email (along with the push poll mentioned in the Karl Rove entry here) was to project the false image that McCain's daughter was a half-black and half-white biracial. It is beyond disgusting that an educator would see an eight year old girl as appropriate bait for racist voters.  If Professor Hand had any dignity and integrity he would spend the rest of his days making it up to that little girl.  That is, if he were a real man.

Picking on a child and subjecting her family to the scrutiny of racists in order to gain votes for a politician is pretty low and mighty un-Christian of the proud Bob Jones University professor.  I suppose he feels like a big man for picking on the little brown girl from Bangladesh.  I personally feel sickened and disgusting that such a man shares the same planet as I.

There is really nothing that this horrible person could do to make up for his incredibly nasty behaviour.  Perhaps he can seek solace in the fact that his racist intent was showcased on a global stage.  If anything, he will be remembered long after he is dead as a petty and racist individual who used eight year old girls for political gain.

And he teaches at Bob Jones University.  Go figure.

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