Bigotry victims seek home of former neighbors

Bigotry victims seek home of former neighbors

Associated Press

October 12, 2006

A mixed-race family that won a bigotry lawsuit against a white couple has gone to court seeking to seize the new home of those former neighbors.

Tarvis Simms, who now lives in Norwalk, had won a $75,326 judgment against Wilfred and Michele Chaisson in 2004. The 2004 lawsuit claimed a "pattern of racially motivated harassment" that began shortly after the Simms family moved next door to the Chaissons in 1999.

In a lawsuit filed at Superior Court Tuesday, Tarvis Simms claims the Chaissons, who moved out of their home under court order in 2000, haven't paid any of the money that they owe and seeks to foreclose on their home in Clinton.

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