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I’d like to announce the launch of a new literary zine, Through Our Eyes, in September of 2007.

General Information: The zine’s mission: to serve as a forum for the creative expressions of multiracial people, their lives, and their experiences.

Call For Submissions: Through Our Eyes is seeking submissions for Issue #1, which will be printed in September of 2007. This issue’s theme is “Who Are We?”. TOE is seeking original work in the following categories:

1. Essays or First Person Narratives (max. 3,000 words);
2. Short Stories (max. 3,000); and,
3. Poetry (up to 4 poems per submission, no word or line limit)

To be considered for publication, submissions must:

1. Be related to the issue’s theme, “Who Are We?”, either on an individual level (i.e, the work answers the question, “Who Am I?”) or on a collective level for the entire multiracial community (“Who Are We?”); and,
2. Effectively convey to readers the reality of the multiracial individual.

Through Our Eyes seeks to publish work that makes readers see the contributor’s experience THROUGH THEIR EYES. Contributors should use vivid, thought- or feeling-provoking language to achieve this goal.

For more information or to request submission guidelines, please contact:

PHONE: 614.340.8964

(Note: Submissions to Through Our Eyes are on a volunteer basis. Contributors whose work is selected for publication will be compensated with two free consecutive issues of TOE.)

– Nicole Nicholson, Editor
Through Our Eyes

2007-05-30 12:09:00

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