My Profound Phenomenon

My love for you feels so comfortable.  I thought that when I finally found you, that a bright light would shine, that there’d be a symphony of violins playing marked by a clear and distinct sign that said, “Your forever soul mate.”  Instead, I feel like I’ve known your love all my life and there’s a pounding of African drums to serenade my restless soul.  I don’t have to question if you are thinking about me throughout the day, I don’t have to worry if you are looking at another woman.  Your love fits me, surrounds me like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.  Your poetic heart leaves me speechless every single day and your beauty, oh your beauty, both inside and out, makes me weak in the knees.  Your musical spirit sings to me, inspiring me to write the lyrics to our song of love.

In your arms is where I belong.  I want to dream big with you.  I want those dreams to come true as we learn to manipulate the magic that has brought us together.  I want to find peace with you, redefined and radiating enlightenment.  I want your baby inside me.  I want to nurture and protect the life we create together and see your divine radiance reflected in the face of the perfect little human being that came from you and me.

You are my profound phenomenon.  Your awareness and knowledge is testament to your intellect.  I don’t think you truly comprehend what an inspiration you are, what a role model to those who hold on to offensive and oppressive beliefs.  I don’t think you understand how unique your perspectives are.  Your soul, your very being is African and strong, evidenced by your integrity, your compassion and empathy, and your worldly citizenship.  To say that you are my king doesn’t begin to describe how I wish to reign by your side as your friend, your lover, your wife and supporter, your muse and yes, your queen.

Grow with me.  Dream a world where we transform lives together, where we create a paradigmatic shift in consciousness that ushers forth a new dawn, a new day.  Erase the lines of black and white and paint a world of vibrant colors of transformation.  Make love to me.  Caress my body with your strong hands and taste me with your mouth, delivering ecstasy over and over again.  Penetrate me.  Join with me, body and soul, thrusting deep inside me as we raise our vibration.  Our love is a gift from God, a Divine present for which I will be eternally grateful.

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