Peoria Pundit Revists Matt Hale’s Influences

Billy Dennis, writing for Peoria Pundit, on "Matt Hale’s mom blames his father, while she enables him":

You remember Matt Hale, right? He’s the morally defective little piece of excrement who — from the safety of his daddy’s basement — became pontifex maximus of the World Church of the Creator, a church that literally worships white people. Whenever asked about his son’s behavior, his daddy said boys will be boys. Well, poor little Matt is now serving a sentence in a Super Max prison for trying to get a church supporter to kills a judge.

I opposed and denounced this worthless sack of (unintelligible foul mutterings not fit for print) publicly and often in the late 1990s as the publisher and editor of The Multiracial Activist. He was from Central Illinois, same as me, so I took his vile spewings personally as the father of multiracial children. 

I'm glad to see that he is still rotting in SuperMax. He and his ugly ilk serve no purpose in the 21st Century.

Rot away Matt. Rot away.  The world is a better place despite your continued consumption of precious oxygen.



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