Letter to City of Monroe re: “Kissing Case”

February 19, 2016


Mayor Bobby Kilgore
City of Monroe
300 West Cronwell Street
Monroe, N.C. 28112


Mayor Kilgore,

Given that it is Black History Month, does the city ever plan on making things right with James Hanover Thompson and David Simpson over their horrendous treatment by the city and the violent, racist police department of the time?  Thompson and Simpson deserve formal apologies at the very least and public recognition of how they were wronged by the city and those in uniform who SHOULD have been keeping the public safe, rather than abducting and torturing children.

Please consider doing the right thing and giving these men the apologies and recognition they deserve from the city that wronged them so horribly. It may seem like ancient history to some, but social media and the civil rights community has not forgotten.

Thank you.

James Landrith
Founder and Editor,
The Multiracial Activist



Mayor Pro Tem Debra Duncan
Council Member Gary Anderson
Council Member Surluta Anthony
Council Member Freddie Gordon
Council Member Billy A. Jordan
Council Member Lynn A. Keziah

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