The Criminality of Cognitive Dissonance (or Your Sheets Are Showing Again)


The Criminality of Cognitive Dissonance (or Your Sheets Are Showing Again)


Oh look, some white people are still not getting it. Well, they get it. They are simply playing stupid, per the norm. For the record, the monsters who kidnapped and abused the young man in Chicago were actually ARRESTED and will be CHARGED TODAY.

You get that that? They’ve been ARRESTED. Chicago said they will be CHARGED today. Do you understand that? ARRESTED already and getting charged TODAY. Sinking in yet? There is a more than subtle difference between this case and the stories with black victims who never see justice.

Let’s try again. I know you can get it if you try.


No protests or media campaign needed to get law enforcement to do their jobs.

They are to be CHARGED TODAY. You still following?

Again, law enforcement doing their jobs.

Do you not understand the difference between this case and the other cases where black victims never get justice while social conservatives flood social media with racist memes and victim-blaming? The victim was white, the perps black, so the wheels of justice were super magically swift – within 24 hours of the report being made to police.

Every victim should receive the same justice. This young man deserves to see justice, same as all of the black victims you hate and mock publicly.

It didn’t take protests, months of activism and federal involvement to push the issue. Why in the world do you expect protests and chaos over a case where the perps were QUICKLY ARRESTED AND CHARGED?

Let’s try this again. The white victim was believed. His attackers have been ARRESTED within 24 hours of a report. They will be CHARGED TODAY.

Still pretending to not understand the difference? Really?

The monsters who hurt this man are gonna get their day in court.

Okay. I sense that some of you are a little slow on the upchuck, so let’s do this one more fucking time for the idiots in the back who have been talking during the sermon. The perps have ACTUALLY BEEN ARRESTED. They will be CHARGED TODAY. Any of those gears working in that head now?

Do you truly not understand the difference? Or, is this just more racist concern trolling from the far right and their colluding paleo-libertarian cousins who constantly look to excuse any violence so long as the perpetrator is either white or in a position of authority?

Some of you need to put those sheets back on the bed. You aren’t supposed to wear them around in public…



James Landrith

Founder and Publisher,

The Multiracial Activist

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