Mixed Feelings: an oral history project

Hi there,

My name is Laura, and I’ve started an oral history project about people of mixed descent. I’ve been trying to connect with organizations for multicultural people and was excited to find your site! What a great publication!

I’m Chinese/Irish/English/German myself, and in looking for resources on the mixed experience I was surprised to find that it’s a rather underrepresented subject. Of the resources I did find, I found that reading the personal stories of other people of mixed descent were the most fascinating and helpful sources. I started this project with the hope that other multiracial people would find these personal anecdotes as helpful as I did, as well as to spread awareness and understanding of the unique and often complicated experience of what it is to be mixed.

As far as how the project works, I’ve set up a survey, link below, where people can submit their stories, which I share via our pages on Tumblr and Facebook. If you would consider helping me spread the word about the project I would certainly appreciate it!

The survey is located at: https://goo.gl/forms/RV3LxG7yn6GpDuau1

For updates on the project, you can follow us on facebook at: facebook.com/mixedfeelingsproject

Or, on our blog at: https://mixedfeelingsproject.tumblr.com/

Thanks very much for any help you’re willing to give!

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