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  1. I am the parent of a beautiful multi-racial child who I believe should be given the chance to decide ‘what’ she wants to be referred to as instead of society dictating what she ‘has’ to be. I teach her that she is part of the most important race – the human race!

    8/14/1997 10:43:13 PM

  2. I am begining to work on getting the schools to change their race classifications. I have two multi-racial girls in public schools and sites like this give me a starting point!! I think that it is a shame that Tennessee has not yet changed this!!

    10/4/1997 7:21:54 AM

  3. This is a great idea. I have a beautiful biracial granddaughter and another one on the way. We all love her and her parents very much – on both sides.

    10/14/1997 10:45:03 PM

  4. I am currently doing some reasearch on racism for a paper, that I am doing. I found it very interesting as I have two children whose fater is black and me being Native Indian of Canada. Glad I came across this page. Now I may be able to help my teenage daughter come to terms with her self. JC.

    10/29/1997 9:53:14 PM

  5. I would like info on a group or would like to form a group which will deal with the rights of multiracials after a classification is established. There are so many government related funds and opportunities available to ethnic groups after they have been ounted, it is time to make those available to us. Do you know of an organization that is steering in this direction? I am in Los Angeles – if there is a local group great, but I have no problem traveling and interacting with a distant organization. Hook m up!

    10/30/1997 8:38:07 PM

  6. I’m very glad to have found your site! Both my wife and I are of pioneer stock: people who care about ability and character, not about the quality of your tan. The blood of most European countries, several Native American nations, and the children of Abra am flows through our children’s veins, and we are tired of people trying to tag us! We look white, and “pass,” but our home culture and beliefs can’t be shared with outsiders. Everyone thinks we’re THEM, not US…

    11/6/1997 6:51:30 AM

  7. i am multi-racial. I need info on clubs, organizations and people who are like me. i feel like i am the only one. please e-mail me.

    11/15/1997 11:40:57 PM

  8. I am a college student who is secure in his identity, biracial. I am trying to start a group on campus that deals with issues bi- and multi- racial students deal with. Please email me with as much information as possible.

    11/20/1997 4:45:30 AM

  9. What a great site to find! I am the mother of 2 adopted biracial daughters (Native Am/Africian Am), I am white. We live in a rural community where many people assume too much about us without knowing us. At times its laughable, other times its infurating and hurtful. Always Im grateful for my two beautiful children. It would be nice to visit with others in similar situations. Email me!

    11/29/1997 7:45:54 PM

  10. I am really excited about finding your site. I’ve book marked you for further reference and will be sending your URL to all my friends. It is so refreshing to find a place where people share my opinions. You’ll have to ask me about my conversation with the Census Bureau…as if children can be made with just a mother!

    12/2/1997 12:28:35 AM

  11. finally there are those who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. i am proud.

    12/4/1997 3:18:56 AM

  12. hello to the people like me!!!! where have you been all my life? it’s great to know i’m not alone. please email me and give me info on how to create awareness about the multiracial community on my campus. –the danish chincana

    12/4/1997 10:35:25 PM

  13. Hi! Great web site. I’m so glad that someone is finally trying to stand up for multi-racial people such as myself. I think we’re the most beautiful people and people need to realize that we do exist.

    12/19/1997 7:38:33 PM

  14. James, I just emailed you, your site is terrific:-) As a biracial person it is about time we are counted for and not just one half of us! Keep up the incredibly great work. Thank you, Cindy

    1/31/1998 8:06:39 PM

  15. Such a wonderful sight! hehehe, but seriously I want to commend you on how well this site is put together. You give honor to the families that are displayed here. Keep up the good work.

    2/9/1998 6:49:29 AM

  16. Hi, It is so refreshing to find a site such as yours. I am white and the mother of two biracial children. They are now at the age that they are asking questions about race that I want to be able to answer without confusing them. Please send any advice that you may have. Thanks so much.

    2/11/1998 11:52:52 PM

  17. I really enjoyed this website!!! I was surprised to find that there are others out there as dedicated to issues, topics and concerns regarding the bi-racial/multi-racial community. Thank-You very much!

    3/3/1998 5:00:30 AM

  18. This is a great page…I hope people can learn how beautiful the multiracial clique can be. It gets frustrating sometimes and now I can see more others who understand!!!

    3/4/1998 11:03:53 PM

  19. The time has come for us to be recognized as a nation of our own. I have a deep love for all those who support our people and will take a stand.

    3/16/1998 6:09:45 PM

  20. I am looking for information on the effect of crosscultural and/or transracial adoption on adoptees for a class presentation. I am a graduate student at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying counseling psychology. Thanks!

    3/17/1998 6:46:02 PM

  21. I am a 34yr old man who happens to be black and understands that you want to have a seperate category that says you are more than one ethnicity and I know that the NAACP and other groups are opposed to this idea but if you want to know why they oppose this effort may I suggest that you read the book called ‘The Color Complex’ written by Midge Wilson Kathy Russell, and Ronald Hall.

    4/3/1998 2:15:08 AM

  22. As a biracial child I am pleased to see that other people are out there supporting the issue, be they multicultural or not. I can’t wait to get involved and help out!

    4/23/1998 6:39:30 AM

  23. You have a very interesting page here. I am multiracial myself but categorize myself as Asian most of the time, because of the way I look. Anyway…I would like to say, here’s a link to a new multiracial webring, that I just joined. Maybe you’ll join, too. Keep up the great work, and hope my survey, helped in whatever it is you are doing.

    4/25/1998 5:40:06 AM

  24. We are a multi-ethnic family of five looking for support. We are descended from at least eight different races, religions, cultures, etc. Jim is “white”, Terri is “black”. Our oldest child is very dark-skinned. The others are very light-skinned. We look forward to sharing experiences with others like us.

    6/10/1998 11:03:06 AM

  25. It would be great if statistical information was listed. The numbers are growing, but at what rate. Also, what about children of different religious affiliations.

    6/18/1998 6:17:57 PM

  26. I really enjoy this site. It is great to have something that meets the needs of the multiracial community. When I’m at this site I finally feel at home and among others like me. Thanks, Andrea

    6/22/1998 5:33:36 PM

  27. I was excited to happen upon your web page. However, being a biracial Lesbian involved in an interracial relationship, I was disappointed and some what annoyed to read the phrase “Opposites Attract” within your web site. The language is obviously appropriated from a heterosexist view point. Opposite genders do not necessarily attract. I am also not in an interracial relationship because she was the “opposite” of me. Also, given that the web site is dedicated towards examining the issues of multiracial peoples, the use of language that places people in binaries seems somewhat hypocritical.

    8/7/1998 2:27:08 PM

    1. Response From the Editor:

      Ms. Otsuka:

      Thank you for visiting The Multiracial Activist. Also, thanks for signing the guestbook, but in the future, please do some fact checking before calling someone heterosexist and hypocritical. Nowhere on this site do the words “opposites attract” appear except in the links page and maybe on the webrings page. The link is to a dating organization, that I am NOT associated with. I did not name the organization and don’t run it, I simply provide a link to it along with several other dating services. This is something that even an uneducated child can understand.

      Do not chastise me for something I didn’t do. None of my writings say opposites attract anywhere.

      Claims to the contrary are lies. Period.

  28. Why are you anti-racists so obsessed with labelling and identifying people.
    There should be NO questions on race, country of origin, or religion on any census form. The only answer for “race” should be human. When free equal citizens
    are forced to label themselves for the authorities, it makes it easier for oppression to
    occur at some future time.
    Only when the equal worth and
    dignity of the individual,
    based on his humanity is recognized will racism be eliminated…it will not be eliminated by subdividing people into special interest racial/ethnic/religious groups.
    Racial identification only allows
    special interest groups to lobby for more funds and
    programs for “their” group,
    to the detrament of society as a whole.
    If I am forced to self identify on any census form,
    then I will enter something to reflect MY race and Heritage: ARYAN


    8/8/1998 8:39:02 AM

    1. Actually, if you read the website like a big boy, you’d see that we advocate elimination of “racial” classifications. A quick look at your guestbook shows a lot of angry responses to your world-wide blitz of nasty guestbook entries. Perhaps a little “people skills” training is in order my angry friend. And my, my, you self-identify as “Aryan.”

      Perhaps that is your real problem with this website…

  29. Remember, in this republic of ours, democracy is a use it or lose it deal. Please write your congressional representatives and tell them what’s what.

    9/16/1998 8:28:46 PM

  30. I would like to say thank you to the creators of the website as it is great to see people who want to highlight the the needs of multi racial people.

    10/19/1998 2:03:38 AM

  31. My Mother is half Native American and half African. She taught us that everyone is either full or partial African! Everyone came from Africa. As soon as we stop running from Africa, we will ALL be able to enjoy the human experience . . . we are ALL in this thing together.

    11/6/1998 2:05:51 AM

  32. I just wanted to let you know that I really like this page. I am a multi-racial adoptee and you wouldn’t know (but you probably do know) the kinds of questions I’ve gotten over the years about my ethnicity. I come from a multi-racial family and it is not always easy to explain my family or my heritage to people. I hate the fact that many of us multiracial people have to choose between “being” one race or another. The choice should be there for us to be whomever we want without having to deny one part just to belong with another.

    12/23/1998 6:08:50 PM

  33. Something that may be interesting to you and others. Come read an essay or two and share your thoughts/feedback either in my guestbook and/or interactive discussion board!

    12/29/1998 11:37:19 PM

  34. What a wonderful site! Thank you for all you are doing to teach tolerance and understanding. With more sites like yours, we can begin to put a stop to the hate and violence that is perpetrated through ignorance. Blessings on you this new year. JRK

    12/31/1998 11:12:04 PM

  35. Being bi-racial myself. I understand the struggles we have to go through on a daily basis.Keep standing for the cause.

    1/9/1999 2:50:59 AM

  36. This web page is the best thing I have seen. I never knew there was so much about being a biracial or multiracial person. Finally I feel at home. Keep up the good work!

    1/24/1999 11:18:59 PM

  37. I enjoy your website. I hope people realize in this great nation of ours that there is no pure race or race period. We’re human beings, period.

    1/25/1999 5:40:39 PM

  38. I am not in a multiracial relationship. However, I believe strongly in your cause. May I join your organization?

    2/1/1999 4:06:31 PM

  39. Hey guys! Great site. I am a multiracial/int’l adoptee, who have suffered for years under the systematic caucasian influence, which almost erased my Korean identity. Luckily I managed to re-find it and create my own identity before it was completely gone. I now live in Canada and I love this place, it’s the most multicultural/racial place I have ever been, more tolerant than Europe (where I grew up). Keep up the good work.

    2/7/1999 1:59:30 AM

  40. Great site! Too much to take in on one visit- I have bookmarked this site for frequent returns. I think that the
    current climate of denying religious freedom to all has contributed to lack of tolerance in all areas. Please visit
    my site soon.

    3/12/1999 3:13:43 AM

  41. I have been looking for a site like this for a long time. Thanks you so much with informing me with important issues. Keep up the great work.

    3/26/1999 12:08:32 AM

  42. Glad to find your site. I am in a Multiracial family, my husband is black, I am white we have a child together and I have 2 white children from a prev. marriage. It is not easy: the looks, the comments, our families are not all supportive: My father, g.mother, &uncle and his sisters don’t support us at all. We have alot of strain in our relationship, but I want it to work and I am hoping your site might help me.

    4/12/1999 5:23:02 AM

  43. Hi,

    I just heard an National Public Radio story on you and wanted to congratulate you on your stance regarding B. Jones U. Not only I am multiracial (Spanish/Native/Black/Jewish) but I am married to a wonderful Irish-American wife.
    We married in Michigan; but, had to bring our minister from Chicago for the Methodist church in her small town (built in a large part by her family) would not marry us, since they “felt uneasy” about multi-racial marriages. My wife has had (ex-)friends spit on her face and has suffered in other numerous ways. None, of this mitigated by the facts that I was at the time pursuing a Ph.D. spoke several languages and made an honest living.

    So thank you for making our lives a little easier with your activism.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. R. M. F. Ph.D.
    Assitant Professor of Mathematics

    4/15/1999 6:12:01 PM

  44. I am a multi-racial person myself.I am Caucasian,African-American,and Native American.I feel this homepage is serving a good purpose

    6/15/1999 10:23:52 AM

  45. Challenge those people around you to make them open their minds to multiculturalism. If we continue to let the close-minded people go on about their lives and be bigots and racists without challenging them then WE have failed in our responsibilities as members of the human race.

    7/3/1999 3:53:54 AM

  46. Hi, as an African-Native American, I would like to support and salute your efforts to unite the thousands of multi-ethnic people in this country and beyond. Certainly, it is a noteworthy effort. However,please keep in mind that none of us made the racial policies of this country which are primarily the basis of colonial and post-colonial racial definitions. Indeed, we were not responsible for the making of a highly racialized society which rewards individuals based on race. Thus, along with efforts to resist the forces which “cubby hole” us into racial categories, let fight the forces which created racial classifications in the first place. As long as we dissent and fragment among ourselves and do not seek to dismantle and destroy the forces which instituted these racial categories, “white supremacy” continues to survive. I believe our goal should be more than to obtain recognition of our parents’ and ours’ etnicities. Peace! and good luck!

    7/4/1999 9:30:15 PM

  47. How can i get more information about this. My boyfriend Mark is from Ghana and I am from iran. We both believe that our relationship is an example to the world of race unity. So how can we become a part of this loving group. please e-mail me. Thank you

    7/23/1999 6:23:35 AM

  48. I am a multiracial teen, and I can’t believe I saw how a kkk member just signed the guestbook and insulted my people! Is it because they just don’t understand? Or are they just scared there is less and less “pure” people out there? How is racial mixing againest god? I personally think of it as a gift of understanding all. Show me in the bible where God clearly states that he is againest that. To all the future parents in doubt: Don’t worry about anything, I would’nt want to be anything else, and being multiracial allows you to be more accepting of other cultures, and those are the kind of people we need!

    7/24/1999 6:25:02 PM

  49. Although I am 100% Puerto Rican, I am a lovely blend of ethnnities and races. I want people to be aware that multiracial doesn’t mean void of identity. I am proud of my multiple heritages and speak multiple languages. I have been beaten, insulted and condescended because I have consistenly refused to allow simplistic minds to pigeonhole me into neat category. This is a mixed society and people should get used to it. Keep up the good job!



    P.S. If you ever need a speaker, I’m willing to help.

    7/28/1999 7:33:19 AM

  50. It is great to see other multi and biracial people out there with the same concerns. We need more magazines like this one to get the word out that we are not going anywhere anytime soon!

    9/28/1999 9:13:57 PM

  51. I’m multiracial by my genealogy (African-American, Native American, and Anglo-American) and
    I want be a multiracial activist especially for Houston, TX area. I have goals to be a crossover/bilingual
    singer, actor, and model. The entertainment industry needs a person of mixed ancestry like myself to
    break barriers. Mainly I want to sing in the Latin market (mostly Tejano/cumbia), but that can very hard for a
    mixed-race/non-Latino person to do that. Anyone who have good/honest connections to the music business
    (mainly the crossover market) please e-mail. Remember, you have LEGAL CONNECTIONS and with a
    GOOD HEART. E-mail address is

    10/3/1999 2:16:21 AM

  52. I wonder why no one thinks about raising the ultimate question to these “Aryan Nations” and other Neo-Nazi fools:
    Who exactly is “white”? Obviously, they don’t consider Jews “white” and good enough for their “white” homeland.
    How much Jewish ancestry does it take to exclude one from “whiteness”? One quarter? One-sixteenth? One drop?
    Most of the Jewish “blood” in this country runs in the veins of people who are the descendants of intermarriage and
    do not consider themselves Jewish. The same question I’ve applied to Jews could be applied to any of the groups that
    so-called “Aryans” call “mud people.” I understand that Latinos are “mud people” – the racially mixed hybrids
    that supposedly prove the “inferiority” of Latin America. Ok, let me name some famous “whites” with Latino ancestry:
    John Gavin, Rita Hayworth, Linda Carter, Catherine Bach, Lorenzo Lamas, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz, Jr., to name a
    few. Are they all, therefore, non-white and to be excluded from intermarriage with “pure” whites. If American Indians
    are “mud people,” what would the “Aryans” do with all the “whites” who proudly claim American Indian ancestry?

    Even “liberals” are afraid to ask these questions. Yet, these are the questions that must be asked in order to show
    that Neo-Nazis and the false doctrine of white racial “purity” are a threat to EVERYONE – “whites” included.

    10/10/1999 10:49:45 AM

  53. Question- where am I from or where do I live? Big difference!! Anyhow- I am multi-ethnic woman, interracially married, 4 grown kids 5 grandkids we are of every color and hue and nationality. I think we have an incredible family because of the diversity and I am really pleased that this web site exists!

    10/28/1999 3:05:38 AM

  54. I need your help spreading the word about a tragedy that continues today.

    In Hampton, Virginia, Medic/Firefighters are deliberately withholding and delaying care to minority patients who call 911, causing serious injury and death. They have also been caught molesting white unconscious female patients in the back of the ambulances. I am calling for an independent investigation into these activities. Please view the below site and see the evidence for your self. When you see the “picture this” on the site, that is the testimony I gave to Hampton Police investigators. Please also sign my petition for an independent investigation. Thank you so much. PLEASE VISIT MY PAGE AND SIGN THE PETITION FOR AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION.


    10/31/1999 4:41:19 AM

  55. I’ve never heard the “Aryan Nations” people answer these questions: Are American Indians “mud people”? Are you for or against “miscegenation” between whites and American Indians?

    Since American Indians intermarry with whites at a rate of more than 50% and many people who claim to be “white” also also claim American Indian ancestry, these questions are important.

    11/1/1999 3:22:28 AM

  56. I am light skined but you can tell that I’m not all white. I am Native American and Mexican as well as white. I would like to respond to the peoples that had the guts to come on a web page that is obviously for mixed blooded people and disgrace us. Joining two cultures together not only allows the people invovled in the relationship to learn of another culture but it also allows that person to be more educated than anyone who is only of one culture.

    I am honored of my backround and nobody can make me change. But for those of you who were upset that people mix races, just remember two things #1 don’t get mad when we rule the world and your a minority and #2 we are all
    just people.

    11/5/1999 1:36:19 AM

  57. I feel your editorials, correspondence, etc. have a political slant to the right. I agree that there should be a separate category in the census for multi-racial, multi-cultural people and in other aspects of life. However, I do not like to be represented by those who have a right-wing political agenda which involves name-calling of politicians, etc. with whom they do not agree. I am a “white Liberal” and proud of it. I have been interracially married for almost 50 years and do not think I need to apologize to anyone for being a “white Liberal.”

    Thanks and good luck.

    11/16/1999 1:17:58 AM

    1. First of all, my editorials, etc. do not slant anywhere near the right, but I refuse to become a socialist just so I can get permission to talk about race relations. My site is libertarian-leaning, not right wing, which is obvious to anyone with a basic understanding of politics. It seems a little political education is in order for you. Try the World’s Smallest Political Quiz by clicking on the graphic below:

      As a libertarian, I believe in total freedom for everyone to do anything they want as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. Neither Democrats or Republicans will commit to complete freedom. They would rather muzzle anyone who disagrees with them. Remember, just because someone isn’t a liberal doesn’t automatically make them right-wing. The old “if you aren’t with me you’re against me” argument is akin to the one-drop myth.



    12/7/1999 8:05:07 PM

  59. It’s time for the hatred to end, and for the healing to begin. Racial harmony is essential to the planet’s survival. BILL BRADLEY 2000!!!

    12/28/1999 5:50:18 AM

  60. I am very pleased to see the photos and read the positive messages on your site. I am a white woman with two beautiful interracial children. Although we live in the south, the city where we live is mostly a positive experience & those who do stare or comment, do so because my children are so beautiful. As for the entry from the man who was originally from Europe….I am too, but my great grandmother was from Africa, but I don’t see that when I look in the mirror. You don’t know what blood runs through your veins until you can be proud enough of who you are to find out where you’re from..Anyway, keep up the good work on this site & stay positive..

    1/4/2000 6:42:13 AM

  61. I think this is a great site! I grew up in the “Nation of Islam” (which has nothing to do with the religion of Islam by the way) They are Black Nationalist group, 99% of their teachings are contradictory to Islam. I grew up thinking White people were devils and that anything having to do with European culture was inferior. Also that since the beginning of time White people were to blame for every single problem facing human kind. I used to be very racist. I hated interracial marriages or anything interracial. My favorite thing to do was condemn so called traitors as “Uncle Toms”. Anything I liked that was European or White I saw as my character flaw.
    Right now I am amazed at how hard hearted and hateful I was.
    That was six years ago. When I went to college my life was changed 365 degrees, whereas before I was trapped in a little dark box not knowing there was light and a beautiful world out there with many colors. I became a Muslim.

    1/8/2000 3:56:19 AM

  62. The Multiracial, so many names and labels, but only one face.

    It is good to find one common place.

    However long there must be the racial catigorie…
    Now if the census 2000 would only recognize our race.

    1/11/2000 11:05:13 PM

  63. I am full blooded chicano and damn proud of it. The stereo-types must be stopped now, we live in a world where no one can escape the cultural barriers, so deal with it! I have a mixed girlfriend and we plan on having children together and show the world how life should really be, not of people stuck in their own racist world. CROSS CULTURAS ARE BELLAS. ps not all mexicans eat tacos!!

    2/18/2000 1:18:53 AM

  64. So many people are asked “what are you?” Are you, Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc. Who care’s what my race is.
    The only race I come from is from the human race. My Girlfriend is beautiful and wonderful. I love her with
    all my heart. The only different thing about her is that she has lighter skin then I do. Why can’t people execpt that we come from the same race, the human race. This is for all other humans who can’t execpt this concept, love the human race don’t destroy it.

    2/19/2000 10:47:49 PM

  65. I appreciate the news content of this web site. I am a white male and first-year law student who believes in civil rights for all people.

    I oppose the standards of admission at Bob Jones University. The University defended their beliefs in 1983 to receive federal tax exemption. Today it continues to defend its policy based the “principles” of God. Meanwhile, Bush has defended his visit to the University. Earlier in February, he said he simply spoke at the University in order to generate votes.

    What does all of this mean? Money, God and Votes all trump a person’s right to associate with another of their own choosing.

    That’s pretty sad.

    2/29/2000 1:38:13 AM

  66. why do so many people have to hate the differnces between people? I am very angry native american because the europeans came over to the americas and raped and killed many native of this land. THey killed even theough they had the same thing happening to them in thier home land!! why are white people hyprocritiall they still are andalways wiillbe!!long live MEXICO AND THE INDIANS

    3/4/2000 1:15:56 AM

  67. All of you people that wish to classify yourself as bi racial and think that you actually belong to a race need to visit my web site asap, also if you think that you are black or white or hispanic and are living in the usa you need to visit my site, in fact if you were born in american and think you are anything MORE than just american YOU NEED TO VISIT MY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!


    3/6/2000 2:18:50 AM

  68. Regular reader, first time writer! Seriously, great and informative site. I’d like to ask one question however, since Census has just said that it plans to allocate mixed race people to the minority (i.e., my son is now considered black, even though I’m white) than what the hell was the whole point of this “pick the boxes that apply” exercise? Screw the Census, we’re taking our cue from the Libertarians.

    3/13/2000 7:21:51 PM

  69. Hi! I’m a caucasian woman married to a Chinese man and we have a 4 month old son. I have found a wonderful message board where there are many wonderful people from multicultural families! It is a wonderful place to ask questions and share your family life with people in the same situations as yourself. Please stop by and introduce yourself…you’ll meet lots of new friends!! The address is:

    I hope to meet you soon!!

    3/28/2000 5:41:15 AM

  70. Being biracial and living in the South, it’s great to know that people and groups like this are still fighting for what’s right….You have my utmost cooperation and participation. We as multiracials must continue to fight SIDE BY SIDE!

    6/1/2000 11:10:53 PM

  71. i just wanted to tell my story ,i born due to the rape of my mother by a black man. i grew up in a all white family and was sent for most of my life to private schools . which were predominately white, and alienated for the most part by whites as well as blacks. so for whatever reason i have found comfort with a older white man as my companion. thanks to whoever reads this

    10/2/2000 12:39:57 AM

  72. All of my life, I have been sticking to my principals. I am black, I am white, I am both. Nothing confusing about that. Yet, I have never been capable of finding anyone in agreement….Until now
    Thank You…

    12/11/2000 5:52:15 PM

  73. I’m very glad to see this site. I’ve never had any problems with who I am and never wanted to change, thanks to my parents. Thats very important, to have a stable home environment. I am all that I am alpha.: African American, German, Hawaiian, Polish.

    12/24/2000 5:40:38 AM

  74. “The Evolution of Racism” —

    It’s all there. Learn how racism was created as a means to sustain an underclass. Read about how racism got out of hands in Nazi’s Germany. Read how eugenics still exist today and it’s progress into the 21th century; they call it “genetic engineering.” It’s ugly! It’s evil! It’s immoral! Pretty soon everyone will be wanting designer babies born with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    There is no “race.” There is no “multiracial.” We’re just plain HUMANS all descended from the same wound. Why not do the world a favor and change your organization’s name from “the multiracial activist” into “the human activist.” What good will a “caucasian” phenotype do you when human rights violation persists throughout the world?

    Remember. God didn’t create “multiracials,” He created humans.

    1/14/2001 10:20:28 PM

  75. I just wanted to Congratulate you on a wonderful site. I enjoy visiting your site and educating my self on the phlight of Interracial families and Multiracial people. I am a proud Multiracial women involved in an Interracial marriage.Keep up the good work. BTW I noticed you are a member of my club Biracialbabies, however you never post or get involved on the board. I hope you will stop by Biracialbabies more often and also post a link to the club on TMA here is the url I am also starting an organization for Interracial families and Multiracial people in My area, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Your Sister in the struggle,

    5/2/2001 4:28:02 AM

  76. One interracial couple in this city, According to the last report of the Census in this part of this city. Interacial couples are a total of 12% . I remenber my wife and I coming to live here and be the odd couple back in the last years of the 70’s, now it is everywhere. Keep up the good work,and the world informed

    5/9/2001 4:48:50 PM





    5/13/2001 7:12:16 AM


    6/1/2001 2:12:40 AM

  79. Great site! What is the root cause of racial animosities? As a minority I have always been interested in the problems of minorities, especially the causes. I am particularly interested in ethnic conflicts, such as in Northern Ireland and have concluded that all such conflicts have a common underlying factor whether it is in East Timor, Kosovo, Bosnia, Mindanao, Somalia, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Tibet, Chechnya, Israel, etc. All minority groups are experiencing the same underlying problem which has in turn resulted in the common desire for independence regardless of the geographic location or culture of these minority groups. I have created a web page in which I express my belief as to what this underlying cause is. Please check it out. You may find it interesting. Thanks.

    7/18/2001 4:37:24 PM

  80. I just wanted to peek in here and support this site in words and in act. I must commend you on your hard work at making an impact in the evolution of race relations in this country. You have opened our eyes to the current political and societal state of racial affairs in this country, in relations to the multiracial individual. Many more people are actual multiracial people and don’t even realize it or maybe don’t accept that fact. I have been courageous for myself in ceasing to self-identify as being solely a “black” woman in order to identify correctly as a biracial (multigenerational), mixed woman who recognizes ALL of her heritages. How could I not be a multiracial/multicultural person when I have up to about 20 different ethnic backgrounds in my family? Half of them originated in Europe, and half of them originated in Africa. And a few of them were from here in America.

    But this site is very informative of all of the events that are taking place in regards to the multiracial movement.

    Once again, I support this site fully, and I commend you on your dedication and hard work at this site.


    8/18/2001 4:08:55 AM

  81. Just looking for articles on “Redbone” peoples from the Louisiana area. Only have found the one article currently listed on your website. I’m assuming, given Louisiana culture, “there’s more than meets the eye” with that one.


    8/21/2001 10:53:48 PM

  82. im a 20 year old biracial videomaker and poet who is seeking other young people to just exchange ideas regarding arts and literature. i also just completed a documentary video “stories from the blackasian planet” if anyone knows of any venues where this video could be screened or whatnot.

    just connecting.


    11/7/2001 6:29:31 AM

  83. I just wanna say that I am impressed to see that someone has stood up to make progress toward the acceptance of interracial people and relationships. I have been in an interracial relationship myself and I know how much ridicule you can get. I will be glad when the day comes that we can be with whoever we want…regardless of whether our skin color is the same or not!!!

    11/16/2001 1:58:42 AM

  84. Hello, I would like to say you have a nice website. I have found access to it via search engines quite a few times but never have visited for one reason…your target audience is for those who are multicultural and in my opinion them only. This leads me to wonder if you are fighting so hard to be granted the option to call yourself white as well as being excepted as such. Now don’t get me wrong, I do agree with you on some issues. I do not feel that anyone should be made to choose a race to identify with, I believe that is the choice one should make for themselves. But I also disagree with any type of labels that are heaped upon Americans(e.g. white, black, gay, straight). I would also like to ask why would you want multicultural people to unite as one race, when a lot of you do not even possess a set amount or a particular mixture of races? Actually I believe you would find more support if you fight for the right to be thought of as human. God knows I would love to be just human instead of black or female. Maybe you have approached these issues, maybe not, I am only judging what I have read thusfar.
    In closing I have one more thing to add that is concerning Jill Scott. She and I as black women of darker tones have a problem that you will never face. That is the fact that being of a dark skin, in a world where fair skin is conceived of as beautiful, is hard. You all talk about problems, well, try being in a family where ‘light skin’ and ‘good’ hair is beautiful and you have everything, but, that. Try listening to black men exclaim how proud they are to be with a fair-skinned woman with straight hair and how they would never date a dark skinned woman. You will never understand this, and that is why in all of your fights for the right to call yourself a seperate race you’ll never understand that there are people of other races who unite based upon race rather than character. We, as black people, are not proud of who we are and that leads a lot of our brothers and some of the sisters to go outside of their race to marry. That is where I draw the line. Love is an emotion that one shares with someone because of who they are not the amount of melanin in their skin. That is what I believe she was referring to. But this is just my opinion. I look forward to a response if you choose to do so.

    11/16/2001 1:27:06 PM

  85. Once we start realising the problem is not race at all we have already resolved the racial issue. Once we realise we’re more similar than different that we can indeed relate to a number of people across the globe transcending religion, race , gender and other divisive categories we’re evolving. People still stuck in old world views need the psychological and emotional support to firstly start loving themselves, gaining better self-esteem, accepting change before extending tolerance to others. It truly begins from within. Having lived in 5 different countries in the Americas, UK, Asia, Africa and Australia and travelled extensively, I know fear,inability to accept change, ignorance, low self esteem and worth all contribute to being an insecure defensive person and the kind who would love to continue abitrary divides and classifications based on race. Travel, see the world, meet people and most of all listen.

    11/25/2001 10:12:30 AM

  86. Great site! I feel that racial and ethnic animosity and hatred, past and present, have a common underlying cause. I have created a web page in which I express my belief as to what this underlying cause is. Please check it out. You may find it interesting. Thanks.

    12/11/2001 4:37:31 PM

  87. I have been lurking at your Delphi Forum keeping a shrap eye out for a certain ring leader of a certain stalking group. Next time the prick stops in your forum, ask him this>… if the lakota oyate is so darn “Indian” and important, why is the domain registered to a brit twit named Charles Towers from the UK? Proof? See Below……And don’t let him bullshit ya. Rapid Net is only the hosting company.

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    Lakota Oyate
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    Doug Ingraham
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    Domain Name: LAKOTAOYATE.COM
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    Record last updated on..: 26-OCT-2001

    Domain servers in listed order:


    1/12/2002 4:14:16 PM

  88. ….and something else. The next time the prick posts in your forum, cut and paste it and send a complaint to Arizona State University provost. He claims to work there. If this is so, I think they might frown on his using their computers to troll forums, don’t you?


    2/12/2002 4:48:27 PM

  89. I am so glad I found this website…my question is why do our children have to pick what race they are if they are from a biracial family?

    2/19/2002 2:43:11 AM

  90. no comments really,just some shameless plugging! I have a club called “Interracial Lifestyle Connection”,which is a correspondence club for couples/families,biracial adults,mothers raising biracial children and penpals.Also,it’s a dating service for singles. Free lists. Nationwide. Founded in ’91.Make new friends and/or that someone p..s…great site!! keep up the good work!remember:we’re all in this together,so we must stick together!

    2/19/2002 3:57:22 AM

  91. I found this site incredibly informative and was able to identify with many of the social and intellectual conflicts that were expressed. I myself am of black/white(european)/native-Amer. ethnic makeup and have a twin sister who is about 4 shades lighter than myself.
    This has always been a source of conflict and conversation over the years so it’s nice to know that the conversation is actually one that many contribute to and continue to learn from.

    3/25/2002 4:58:21 PM

  92. My wife and I are trying to start a local support group for multiracial families. We are at the very early stages. Any input would be appreciated. thank you.

    4/1/2002 7:16:15 PM

  93. Great site! I’m a white man married to a black woman, and have found this site to be extremely useful in gathering information on biracial families. Keep up the good work!

    4/18/2002 7:59:46 AM

  94. I have just clicked in on this website which I was referred to by a Creole relative of mine. It is good to find a site that makes one feel it isn’t wrong to be who you are interracially and not want to fit in anyone’s Black or White box. I am circulating a petition of protest against an order of nuns who are advertising Mother Henriette Delille for canonization as a Native-Born African-American when in fact and in history, she was a Free Woman of Color/or in those days considered a Creole. I need as many signatures as I can to impress the Pope of Rome that this is not fair to Mother Delille or to the Creole descendants of America and other parts of the world. I will be glad to forward the Petition to anyone who wants to help me. My e-mail address is Thanks in advance.

    5/11/2002 4:18:52 AM

    1. Good luck in that respect Mike. However, The Multiracial Activist is not a dating site. I believe what you are looking for is elsewhere.

  95. I have grown up in a now growning situation. My parents are a biracial couple and I have two half sisters that are full black. I am the only member that is multiracial. My parents did well in teaching me that I am no better or worse than anyone else. We are all different and I should love myself. I have often been asked if I had to choose sides, what side what i choose? That is impossible to choose sides. I am both halves and it would be ignorant to choose one side and dismiss the other. That would mean I didn’t love my whole self. This site is a good way for people of all races to come together and understand all viewpoints.

    5/22/2002 9:59:24 PM

  96. Ever since I was old enough to take standardized tests and fill out forms, I’ve hated those little boxes. Race is one very small aspect of who a person is. People are obsessed with race to an extremely unhealthy level. This obsessive racism is just as rampant in society now as it was two hundred years ago, the only diffence is that today it’s disguised with fluffy terms such as “ethnic pride.” Segregation is still practiced under the flowery concept of “maintaing diversity.” College students join fill-in-your-race student unions and bookstore shelves are packed with books containing the gathered works and narratives of fill-in-your-race authors in American during X era. People accuse people of other races of oppresing them, while those accuse others of trying to destroy them. It’s a vicious and laughable cirlcle that even the most educated, enlightened people fall into. Matter of fact it seems rampant among many academic circles.

    6/4/2002 3:32:31 AM

  97. Although you focus on multiracial relations, you hardly include Latinos. Issues dealing with marriage between the two races hardly exist. Why if Latinos happen to be one of the fourth largest races in the world? All research done is between whites, blacks and asians. Perhaps you should focus on this topic or research it. I’m trying to locate informatio regarding interracial marriages between these two groups ans so far have found none.

    6/9/2002 6:00:14 AM

  98. Thanks James for printing my Petition re Mother Delille’s ethnic misidentification as a Native Born African American. I had an interesting experience on Saturday, July 13, 2002 when I attended and participated in the Creole Family History Convention. I had a display of Mother Delille’s history and a display of my ancestors and family pictures. I heard that there would be a session with Dr. Charles Nolan, the biographer for Mother Delile at 2 pm and I was interested in attending and confronting him about the Mother Delille situation. I went in about 15 minutes before the session was over. Sat through about 5 minutes of pros and cons re Mother Delille’s attributes. When I got a chance to speak, I confronted Dr. Nolan regarding the misidentification of Mother Delille. He stated that Mother Delille was a Free Person of Color but that she had been adopted by the African American community. I said why should she have to be adopted by any community, she had parents of her own when she lived. I said then it follows that if she had been adopted by the Spanish Community would she then be a Native Born Spanish American? Or Asian, or Phillipine, Japanese? It’s evident that the Southern La. white man does not want to admit that Mother Delille was a Creole then it would bring in the fact that her parentage was of mixed races and that’s what they want to hide. That’s why they worked so hard to brand all Creoles in 1896 as Black. They don’t want to admit that they were wrong nor do they want to glorify anyone with one drop of African blood as anything but an African. It would seem that they still want to carry down the falacy that a Creole could only be of pure French or Spanish blood.

    7/17/2002 6:18:48 PM

  99. Many of your yahoo groups are not working. I have not receieved any reply from anyone. Some of these groups haven’ had any post for 2 years. I’m looking for someone to chat with on multiracial issues.

    9/19/2002 11:05:49 AM

  100. Your website is very well-informed and organized. I’m doing a senior exit project on interracial relationships. One of the reasons I choose this topic is because I myself, experience it too. My race is asian and my boyfriend is black. I just want to know what certain people’s perspective on interracial relationships is. Any stories/experiece/knowledge on this certain topic is greatly appreciated. If anyone is interested in replying, please send email to

    10/16/2002 9:21:12 AM

  101. Hello My name is Melissa and I my mother is Filipino and my Father is African American. I would love to be a Multiracial Activist and support and others who are multiracial. Please contact me by email

    10/16/2002 2:24:40 PM

  102. Hello everyone,
    You are invited to join my organisation “Team Against Racism”, regardless of age, gender, location or ‘race’. Looking forward to seeing you there and working with you to defeat racism! Thanks & God Bless

    10/20/2002 10:58:58 PM

  103. I am the President of the Society for the Preservation of Creole Heritage and Identity. I have been protesting the fact that the Sisters of the Holy Family of New Orleans and the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans are publicizing Mother Henriette Delille as a “Native Born African American” instead of as the “Native Born Creole American” which she was when she lived in 1812 to 1862. The following is a copy of the letter sent to me in answer of my protest by the Archbishop Alfred Hughes of the Diocese of New Orleans, La. “In you letter of Octobe 11, 2002, I note that you raise the question of the current ancestry of Servant of God Henriette Delille.
    It is not appropriate for me to enter into these questions directly. I have great confidence in the work of Father Cyuprian Davis, O.S.B., of St. Meinrad Archabbey.
    When the Church canonizes a saint, she holds up this person as someone who practiced exceptional charity and whose life has a special message for people today. Henriette Delille will not be raised to the altar because she was supposedly two-thirds white and was nice to people darker than she. She will be recognized as a blessed necause she was a woman of the poor who did not seek to run away from the life of oppression and petty demeaning regulations by “passing for white”. Because she was a descendant of slaves, she knew how to meet the needs of slaves; as an illegitimate child, she sought to bring black slaves and free blacks to the sacraments and to a Christian life.
    Henriette Delille was a black woman who loved and served the poor in a society where women of her background and ancestry were exploited and despised. It would indeed be regrettable if a woman who should be a symbol of reconciliation and justice should be turned into a symbol of dissension and internal racial divisions.
    I ask that you join me in praying for the beatification of Henriette Delille so that she in turn may become a patron for us for justice, harmony and peace.”
    Sincerely in the Lord,
    Most Reverend Alfred C. Hughes
    Archbishop of New Orleans
    Since this is a very long letter, I will post my answer on a subsequent guestbook writing.

    12/9/2002 4:54:27 PM

  104. Found this address from THE COLORS OF LOVE: The Black Person’s Guide to Interracial Relationships by Kimberly Hohman.

    Thanks for being here.

    12/12/2002 12:31:16 AM

  105. Hello, all. I am a young white mother of two beautiful bi-racial children. I made a promise to myself to make a difference in this racist world that my children are inheriting. I have just completed a website that offers anti-racism messages and designs on t-shirts, hats, greeting cards, and much more. Its URl is I firmly believe that one way to let the world know that we will not condone, contribute to, or tolerate racism any longer is to show them. Even if you do not like any of my designs, please find one out there that you do like and proudly wear or display it. Through the support of my site, I will soon be able to start producing bumper stickers and other merchandise that I cannot offer now. We CAN make a difference, together. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

    12/15/2002 3:20:00 PM

  106. I think that this site is wonderful, and very informative…Right now my co-author and I are currenly in the middle of putting together a pictorial documentation of the beautiful “facial-landscape” of mulatto people in a celebration of their identity.

    To complete this unique publication, we are seeking high quality and clearly focused photographs of mulatto people. If you believe you can help us in any way to achieve our goal for the publication, we would be very grateful.

    Please feel free to email either of us back at the above email address if you have questions, or for more details.


    Megan Van Amburgh
    and Cope Thomas

    1/24/2003 4:54:41 PM

  107. I am a California born 1/4Native American, 1/4African American 1/2 West Indian: Hybreed. I see the world at many differnt angles. E-mail me to converse if any of my ethnicity interests you. My question to anyone who has a common variable: Does it seem odd at the least, for someone with so many backgrounds to feel stuck in the middle of it all? Is it abnormal to feel as though having so many sides, makes one feel as if they belong to no side at all?

    3/1/2003 1:27:59 AM

  108. This is regarding the Mother Henriette Delille mis-identification for canonization as a saint by the Sisters of the Holy Family and the Catholic Church, as a “Native Born African American” instead of as the “Native Born Creole American” that she was when she lived and died 1812-1862. I noted in the news that the Pope had visited Spain and was concerned about how the Catholic Church was losing so many Spaniards. I don’t know how long these Spanish candidates for sainthood had been waiting to be canonized but he forthwith canonized 5 Spanish saints on the spot.
    I’m now getting the message that this mis-identification of Mother Delille has more to do with getting African Americans to be Catholics than it has to do with the One-Drop Policy, although there is no doubt about this also being the case. This is all about the almighty greenback and the church intends to get as many of the African greenbacks as it possibly can.
    Having her canonized as a Creole American won’t get as many greenbacks since they already know that most Creoles are Catholic and they know of that count; so they don’t have to serinade us; and because we were not as plentiful as the slaves during slavery as were the Africans. And our count, given the passe noirs and the passe blancs, aren’t as much as the black and proud African Americans.
    It’s getting so rediculous at my church and at most heavily attended churches by African Americans that one wonders if we are worshiping Jesus Christ in the three divine persons of the Father and the Holy Ghost, or are we worshipping the founders of Africa and African-
    american history.
    I have been a Catholic from birth and in all of my 77 years as a Catholic I have appreciated my 11 years of Catholic schooling which taught me the importance of believ-
    ing in Jesus Christ, being a good human being,
    loving my neighbor as myself and preparing myself to go to heaven when I die.. This is what I feel should be taught in the Catholic Church and not the culture of the people who are most in attendance in order to get more of them to become members.

    5/12/2003 11:15:23 PM

  109. greetings from hawaii: great website and i hope that others from around the world may have an opportunity to view your site too. have a nice day!

    6/5/2003 11:57:49 PM

  110. My problem is the hypocrisy I have experienced from other people of color as I am of a spanish, mexican, sephardim, comanche and italian background…
    When i claim the white I am seen as trying to be “whitey” when really I am just glad to be all that I am. When people of color deny their white heritage it is a good thing, but when one embraces their heritage, all of it…

    then what?

    7/11/2003 7:20:26 AM

  111. i am a member of and just wanted to take a gander at your site. i put it in my favorites column so i can take more time to read everything. thanks for offering something like this– good lookin’ out. 🙂

    9/21/2003 9:43:42 PM

  112. Question for this Website and its creators.

    What exactly is the Mission of this Site ?

    Is it to Replace the SYSTEM of White Supremacy with JUSTICE ? If not, then the “Mission” or Objective(s) of this site and its People should be to Replace the SYSTEM of White Supremacy with JUSTICE (For All People).

    America was built and founded on the Practice of the Religion/System of White Supremacy, and it fully Operated on WS before, and guess what ? It is STILL operating under the System of White Supremacy. How do “I” know ?

    Ask yourself these Questions:

    What is a “Majority” (A person who will be classified as a “Majority”, and will not be given “benefits” for the most part, on the basis of skin color) in America ? = A “White” Person.

    Ask a “White” person these Questions…

    Are you a White Person ?

    What IS a “White” Person ? (I have never seen a “WHITE” person in my life, that will certainly look sort of “freaky” dont you think?).

    WHO Decides (What People Decide, White People or Non-White People) that you are a White Person and will function as one ? (or not).

    Also, ask yourself this….

    What is a MINORity ? = A Non-White Person in America. LOOK and OBSERVE the Root word of MINORity. MINOR=A “Minor” is also the legal definition to describe a person who lacks one or all of the qualifications required to function as an adult; not to be confused with a person who digs for gold or coal. A MINORity is a MINORity solely on the basis of “Color” (and “Race”), meaning, if you do not qualify as “White”, and you are not labeled and accepted as “White” by other Whites, then you will be lumped up into the “MINORity” category and will be treated as one. And that is the Truth, you will often see Politics discussing issues on what to do with the “MINORity”, “Do we give them Affirmative Action” ? “Welfare?” “Diversity Programs” ? What to do!? ooh What to do ???.

    The list goes on and on. We have to ask the right Questions in order to reveal Truth, and Replace the System of White Supremacy with Justice.

    Oh and for the true definition of “Multi-Racial” ? or “Bi-Racial” ?

    1. There is no such thing as being bi-racial or mixed race . Under White Supremacy/Racism you are either White, Non-white or a White Supremacist(Racists). The only race of people that exist are the White race. That race is organized to practice Racism/White Supremacy. Non-white people are not part of any race and cannot practice racism.

    9/22/2003 5:26:32 PM

    1. I don’t know what you’re smoking but you’ve stumbled into the wrong alley. Take that “all whites are racists – all non-whites are victims” bullshit elsewhere. Folks ain’t buying it here.

  113. Dear, Editor I found this site interesting and increasing. I think that we all have the right as any person to define ourselves according to what our spirit says weare. I know that the question most people of color try to aviod is the question of color period. This whole debate is old. currently being repeated through the vehicles of technology and media. to say to anyome that they must subscribe to being called Black, white, multiracial,biracial,or anything else is often offensive b/c it tends to say your different from being human and deserving of the same respect ,love, and honor as any life. Let us be real. the real question is color and power. How the dynamics play them selves in every part of a society where so called non-whites exsits arounf the globe. Now the dress rehearsal maybe different but the lie is the same. We are all tied to the history and the exchanging of one lie for another will not change the course I find us on. No one is expemt from bias wheter your fair complexion or darker than dirt. The seed of it all is self-hatred. though we use these elusive terms to describe our selves we are all subject to the lies we live everday in every place. I just hope and pray that we are all truthful about the purpose of our words b/c that is where the real danger lies. No one can escape the history of who they are. That is not limited to so called non-whites,african-americans,blacks, negros,colored, whatever distinction to descibe people. Just peolpe who are deserving of a life worth as much as any one whatever thay may be called.Maybe the illusion of education,power,pride,color and sex. Have affected our brains and I said our b/c we are all apart of the history of it all.If it is trully the desire to define ourselves in this age by our coices. Let it start with the truth and our self.Even though evryone is entilted to their own version of what that is. That is a chioce and I respect that. When we start decieving ourselves. That is when the real destruction comes about who we are and what we are becoming. Not the genetics of it b/c the truth is there is no pure race.Color and power still remain the question. The answer to it isn’t the reclassifaction of colored folk, balck, multiracial biracail, or people of colour.We have been a slave to that ghost far to long. We need to eliminate that lie world wide. As long as we live in fear and not truth. Then we are subject to whatever someone says regardless if it is writtenon paper or consimated on bed sheets. If there is no truth,respect or love in it. We have exchanged one dress rehearsal for another. I wish and know you for the very best family and pray for all our understanding to increase. Much love and respect beyond the words!e

    12/31/2003 1:10:55 PM

  114. I can’t seem to stop reading your interesting very formal writings. It’s truly an education to read such well written information. Thanks for the very well put together information.

    6/9/2004 7:58:23 AM

  115. I am of Mohawk(Native), European, & possibly other descent. I grew up in an urban environment with a inseperable connection to the culture & soul of our displaced African brothers & Sisters. I am Red & White on the outside, but feel Red & Black in my heart. I used to wish that Creator had just formed me from one kind of clay. I felt cursed. But now I realize how truly blessed I am.. Creator formed this way for His purpose. I have been blessed to catch a personal glimpse into the inner workings of Red, White, & Black culture as kin. Through my pain of fragmented identity which always seemed threatened I had to really learn beyond other’s expectations & I feel that has helped me become a more thoroughly sincere Human Being. I pray Creator will continue to use me to bring recociliation to these hurting nations embodied in all of our Brothers & Sisters.ONE BLOOD!

    8/17/2004 6:39:10 AM

  116. Curiousity led me here–I can appreciate your message, as I am mixed too: filipina and caucasian. Check out in addition to this site. There are a lot more of us out there than you think…it is always refreshing to talk to someone who might be culturally similar.

    4/2/2005 2:30:32 AM

  117. I’m German, Irish, English, Cherokee, Iroqois/Mexican it irritates me to no end when people even ask my ethnicity what they want to know is why a light skinned guy has a mexican last name I tell them my mom is “white” but i still get static “you don’t look mexican” I get pissed “like so what are you saying I’m the milkmans kid? You callin my mom a whore?!”

    8/4/2005 8:23:38 AM

  118. :cwm1: I love your website! Keep up the good work and keep on defending civil rights and liberties for all Americans and not be intimidated by the powers that be!

    8/4/2005 8:47:57 AM

  119. My father is half-Samoan, Irish, English, Scottish, and Dutch. My mother is Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Australian, French (both France French and Canadian French), German, and Native America (Passamaquoddy). So, I received my father’s Samoan surname and my mother’s white skin. This of course confuses people because, while I look extremely white (minus the body shape, which is very Samoan), I have a surname that doesn’t match whatsoever. People then continue to try and persuade me that it’s really Hawaiian, because I don’t look Samoan. I’ve seen my grandpa, his birth certificate, and pictures of his family. My father looks full Samoan (one couldn’t tell he has a white mother) so, I’m pretty sure I’m Samoan, thank you very much.

    It’s hard for my family in particular because the Samoan side of my family (my grandfather’s family) doesn’t talk to us, nor acknowledge us, because we are partially white. Then my grandma’s side doesn’t acknowledge us either, because we are all partially Samoan. Being disowned by both sides of my father’s family has been tough. It’s been especially tough going to the same school as my Samoan cousins, some of them knowing full well that they are so, yet not even getting a nod in the same direction because I’m a “white girl.” I think the whole time I have been in high school, maybe three of them acknowledged that I am Samoan and even said hi every once in a while.

    When I was little, I used to come home so mad because I wasn’t brown. I used to hate my mother because she made me white, thus canceling out any link I had to “a culture.” I wanted to color myself with a brown marker, just so I would at least look like I was supposed too, to make the “white girl” names go away.

    It doesn’t stop there, with me, however. I have two African-American cousins, two Puerto-Rican cousins, one Italian and two Mexican cousins, all who share the Samoan-White mix we received from our grandparents. A few times my aunt has been asked, “How could you do that to your babies?” because she had beautiful twin children with a black man. One of my cousins was picked on and beat up at school because he was “too white” (he’s probably one of the darkest out of all of us, but it was simply because he was partially white at well). I really don’t know how my brother is going survive, as he looks even whiter than me, with blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes (his afro is his only link to any Samoan traits).

    A few times, I have been asked to pick one, white or brown, because I apparently can’t be both. It’s wrong to have more than one “race” in America. You have to pick one. If you pick the white one, you’re a racist. If you pick brown, you better look it, because otherwise you’re a liar.

    I learned this lesson on, ironically enough, a civil rights trip. I went on a trip to the Deep South to visit the historical sights of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. It was interesting enough, though a few times I felt extremely guilty because I am part white (they frequently reminded us white students that we had nothing to feel guilty about, it wasn’t us who did, etc.). During a bus ride to one of the sites, we were reading about one of the civil rights leaders. I noticed that it said he was a quarter white, along with black. I thought this interesting, assuming that it was good thing. I brought it up to the man in charge of the whole trip (the one who started it) and he looked very sternly at me, as if I was trying to make trouble, and said, “He’s black.” I was confused, showed him the passage in the material he provided for us (all books of credible sources), and said, “But it says here that he’s part white.” The Director replied to me, “He’s black. He’s not white, he’s black.”

    That never sat right with me. I kept thinking, “What’s wrong with being both? Is something wrong with that?” The whole trip was about equality and acceptance. It was about accepting one another for what we are, and loving those differences, yet here was the guy who started the trip, who said he promoted these things the trip stood for, yet he was saying, “This man is black. Just black. Not mixed.” Aren’t we supposed to love mixed races too? Isn’t it racism, the very thing that the Civil Rights leaders were fighting, to only acknowledge one ethnicity, to blot out the rest just because you’re black, Mexican, or Irish? It bothered me, still bothers me that one has to choose an ethnicity to identify with. That’s not right, because it shows embarrassment of who you are.

    Be proud of your history, whether it is good or bad. Sure, the English and the Dutch have done terrible things, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to start saying, “I’m Samoan and that’s it!”

    America, both white, black, brown, whatever, has never been able to deal with mixed people and quite frankly I’m sick of it. I’m white, Samoan, and Native American. I am proud to be all of those. I’m not going to claim one side or the other, because saying I’m one ethnicity isn’t going to make the others go away. That’s wrong to me. People should be proud of all of what they are, whether that is full, half, a quarter, one sixteenth, whatever.

    We are what we are. We should be proud of having such a heritage.

    8/13/2005 3:47:35 AM

  120. I know it very hard being interracial. But when I trying to find my birth mother, and father, I didn’t who I really am. At first, i thought that my spanish race was half Venezuelan, but the truth is that i’m half black american, half dominican, and half indian. I finally found my birth father, but till not my birth mother. My birth mother was half indian, and black. Yes, i bet she was very pretty, but my birth father is very handsome in his mid 40’s. I came out find, and I love my adopted family very much. Now I know who I really am. :cwm1:

    8/15/2005 5:45:59 PM

  121. Politicians in Canada never answer for their crimes, it;s disgraceful. My family has been destroyed by Corruption, we’re left without even basic human rights. When the Government & Legal system are the Organized CRIME in CANADA, they honor CHILD RAPEST. The Federal Government is allowing the Credability & Reputation of the Police & The Legal System, to be distroyed to protect ONE Corrupt Lawyer, Politician, Judge, Child Rapest & now member of THE ORDER OF CANADA .This man has broken every law he swore to protect. Because this X-Justice Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, raped and impregnated my 12 year old sister, and covered it up his entire career, no one will help us. To this day, no lawyer will represent me and the legal system will do nothing to help. The last lawyer I asked to represent me, told me, if any lawyer tried to represent you, it would mean the end of their career.. Visit my web site at ask all your friends to e-mail our Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin, and ask him for Justice.

    Byron Prior Tele# 709-834-9822
    66 Readers Hill Crescent
    Conception Bay South
    NL., Canada

    9/22/2005 9:30:56 PM

  122. Please visit [URL=]this link[/URL] and participate in the poll that is being conducted to collect data that will be used to educate people regarding what’s on people’s minds with regards to the issue of race and crime.

    9/23/2005 1:04:36 PM

  123. To be or what ever, that is a statement.

    Lets give Prayers to the folks from down south.

    So any way Hi, I am Alvin Stone a non-commercial radio personality.
    You do not have to be a star, just be yourself.

    Keeping the funk alive, is the greastest gift to the free world and a present from all Black People.

    Be black and proud, use your talents to give not recieve and the rewards will be more than you could ever imagine.

    Gods Love,

    Alvin Stone

    9/28/2005 9:38:31 AM

  124. i absolutely love your site! :cwm32: i think it is amazing to read everyones comments and i am especially interested in the issue of multiracial families. i feel that there is no problem what-so-ever with multiracial families as there are people from uganda in my family and i love them to peices. not liking multiracial families is ,i think, being racist in another way as they are all just the same as us but with a different skin colour!
    i would really like it if you could get back to me about this as i am doing an essay at school about multiracial families and why people are so against them. thank you! Hayleigh Gray, aged 15!

    10/26/2005 4:49:28 AM

  125. I am french and american and bi-racial “black and white”. I just wanted to say that I am not a “confused” individual. I am black and white and love both parts of me and will not choose one or the other. My parents are an interacial couple and have been married for over 40yrs. We are well educated and are happy and have taken the good and bad from those who can not “understand” why we are the way we are. To those that are prejudice, get used to it, because the fate of the population will continue to grow to be predominantly multi and bi-racial most likely. Hooray! I love it! :cwm32:

    4/15/2007 9:54:07 PM

  126. Hi i am jen from ny and i love this site. I am of jamaican heritage my mother being black and my father chinese french indian jewish and black. i am very glad i found this site and i hope more will register :cwm12:

    4/24/2007 12:17:04 AM

  127. Gucci-Thang
    To be or what ever, that is a statement.

    Lets give Prayers to the folks from down south.

    So any way Hi, I am Alvin Stone a non-commercial radio personality.
    You do not have to be a star, just be yourself.

    Keeping the funk alive, is the greastest gift to the free world and a present from all Black People.

    Be black and proud, use your talents to give not recieve and the rewards will be more than you could ever imagine.

    Gods Love,

    Alvin Stone + Gucci-Thang

    4/25/2007 11:26:34 AM

  128. I was just going through internet sites looking for some info on the health status of multiracial people to help me with a research paper I am doing in my english class we got to pick a topic and I thought why not learn a little bit more about ME!

    4/30/2007 8:50:06 PM

  129. I really like this website and it’s been around for years! I like the new and updated version. Well, thank you for supporting those walking the Mixed Race experience. It’s appreciated. :cwm30:

    5/20/2007 7:11:33 PM

  130. This site lacks focus. I’m not quite sure what it’s about but it sure is popular. I think my website [URL=]on interracial dating[/URL]should be a mass contributor here.

    3/5/2008 4:59:13 PM

    1. I find it interesting that your visit lasted a little over 3 minutes and yet you presume to claim this politically oriented website containing thousands of pages of original and syndicated commentary, interracial/multiracial historical documents, and tons of advocacy letters. “lacks focus.” The focus is clear and multi-pronged. Had you bothered to read the “About Us” section or publication descriptions for TMA and TAE, you would have been able to get a quick grasp on the focus.

      Now, why would an interracial dating website business be a mass contributor to a politically based website? Please elaborate.

      Or is this a spam comment in disguise that I should delete?

  131. I am a middle-aged, biracial woman…just looking for somewhere I can hold a conversation with someone who gets me—to whom I don’t have to explain or defend what I know is true. I tend to be oversensitive and although I know that it is wonderful that Obama has initiated this national dialogue, I also find it personally overwhelming sometimes.

    3/22/2008 3:26:46 AM

  132. I applaud your efforts in making this page. My only disappointment is that there haven’t been any new newsletters lately and we all know that the political arena changes quickly. Best of luck to you :cwm1:

    4/12/2008 7:16:21 PM

  133. My race/ethnicity is designed to be hard to enjoy. Some of my ancestors owned slaves, good news for the neo-nazi type…. untill they see my Jewish ancestors (BONUS: that side has a little east asian blood/admixture/heritage traits showing through). Oh, on the WASP side, it goes so far back, it likley has Amerindian (about 100 000 000 Whites do) and Black, not good for the nazi either. Search southward to see possible Indian gypsy and/or Australoid.

    Mixed people often identify with the minority, but my non-caucasian ethnicities are such a small amount (a few percent) it gets hard to identify (I am at the edge of mixed-race-hood).

    I like being whatever mixed race I have (mulotto[1700’s]/metis[1600’s]/wasian[1300’s] ancestors of mine [and LOTS of other people, {many of these claims are backed up by research |but not always directly on my family|}] born through rape/on holy affairs), but I realize that this like is indirectly powered by other’s racism. Without racism, who cares that I am …… , it’s still pure African Homo Sapian heritage. Worth the cost of not being able to identify with color to save millions from racial tension. Time to identify with something important, like lifestyle. ([{||}])

    2/18/2009 4:09:55 AM

  134. Hello,
    I too am the descendent of the Melungeons. I have seen these people living here in NC. They have ‘severe’ deep black skin, long smooth black hair, pointed european noses and (shockingly!) blue, green, and grey eyes (like my people). It was incredible. Incredibly shy and live in an sheltered environment. They themselves are “National Geographic” worthy. :cwm10:

    3/10/2009 9:46:00 AM

  135. I am looking for my brothers twins whom I have never met. He was black….the twins mom was white so I’m told. He was stationed in Canada when the twins were cenceived . . . he sais that he never saw the twins. He would have been in his 70’s had he lived. There is a family that is looking for the twin girls. Please email me with pertinent info if yu are twins who never knew their black father. I will recognize the family based on responses. I’d ike to see pictures of the twins also. They have sisters and a brother who would like to meet them.

    3/18/2009 2:59:42 PM

  136. 1/8th does not count…. I was speaking to a co-worker the other day, and I was speaking about my great-grandparents being Native and European ancestry… The co-worker told me, “It does not count”
    and people wonder why African Americans don’t claim mixed-ancestry?!

    5/28/2009 8:18:57 PM

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