Special Alert 08

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Special Alert 08 – November 1998


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Special Alert – 08 CORRECTED VERSION
November 1998

Good morning, afternoon, evening, etc:

SC Voters Repeal Interracial Marriage Ban – Yesterday, the people of South Carolina (at least some of them) voted affirmatively to remove the ban on interracial marriage from the state constitution. The next step for South Carolina? It would of course be repealing the tax-exempt status of all the subsidiaries and affiliates owned by the racist, (whites only until 1975) Bible school Bob Jones University.

Click on these links for more information:

*SC State Constitution Ban on Interracial Marriage*

*Bob Jones University Ban on Interracial Dating*

One Down, One to Go – With yesterday’s lifting of South Carolina’s ban, Alabama remains the only state with a ban on interracial marriage. While this ban is unenforceable, it is a disgusting reminder of an equally disgusting era. Alabama readers, tell Governor-Elect Siegelman and your state legislators that you want to live in 1998, not 1898. It’s time for the state that brought us such “great” men as staunch segregationist George Wallace to prove that it too can grow up. To reach Alabama legislators, visit the State of Alabama at: http://www.state.al.us/.

Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher
The Multiracial Activist

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