Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 10:55:27 -0700
From: Lorna Jones
Subject: (no subject)

WOW!! Anti-black or what?!!!

Editorial Rebuking:  In response I must ask, what are you talking about? My wife is black, my two children are mixed black, white and a little Native American.  Your email deserves to be substantiated and backed-up with real evidence and not immature, drive-by accusations.

Anyone can lob an accusation. I am not anti-black.  But of course you already know that.  You are
engaging in the usual bigoted namecalling favored by most one-drop rule racists, in an effort to silence an opinion you detest.  Do you say I am anti-black because I don't bow down to so-called civil rights groups' agendas with regard to the self-identification rights of multiracial individuals – just because it's the PC/weak-minded herd mentality thing to do.  Most traditional civil rights groups with few exceptions have abandoned real civil rights advocacy in favor of banquets, awards galas and entitlements lobbying.  I have fought real fascism and racism for years, but in the US, if you don't toe the NAACP line on a particular issue, some wise-ass who has never experienced real hardship always comes along to call you anti-black.  It's head out of the sand time.  The NAACP is not interested in civil rights.  They are, however, interested in enforcing "one-drop" ideology everytime they see mixed-race people and interracial families.  I'll never understand the mentality of those who embrace Jim Crow ideology, yet claim to be for civil rights.  It boggles the mind and brings shame on them and their history.   By the way, is this you:

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