Letter to the Editor

Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 07:43:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephanie Baldwin
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Why are "black" americans so upset when we chose to acknowledge all the parts of our heritage? Are they afraid that they will be isolated from the mainstream when multiracials of partly african ancestry (past and present) decides to embrace all parts of our heritages? I see so-called black people, including "black-identified" multiracials making the racial situation worse. I've already seen it in last year's election when the Democrats have used race- baiting tactics to scare "blacks", "mulattoes", and "Creoles" into voting in blocks.

I've seen it in the hostile views of the NAACP, especially the shrill voice of black identified multiracial Julian Bond, who recently compared the Bush administration to the Taliban.

I've seen it played out in the "reparations" controversy.

I've seen it played out in both the Seattle and Cincinnati riots.

Don't get me wrong, I'm part African (predominately), but I also have a lot of American Indian ancestry and European ancestry. I'm just tired of so-called blacks playing the so-called race card when things don't go their way. It's time for them to get a life besides playing the racial game. This goes for whites who feel that their privileges are being taken away by nonwhites, and multiracials. They, too, have played the race card. You can see it in offhanded comments about various ethnic groups.

You can see it in the proliferation of white supremacists', white separists', and white rights' groups as well as certain Confederate and elite groups such as the Illuminati.

It's time to stop using "race" as a crutch for your problems.


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