Research Projects on “Race”

It seems that the vast majority of the scholars who want to study "interracial" people or relationships do not challenge official definitions of "interracial." Scholars, try researching these topics for a change:

1) The differences between Latinos and Anglos of mixed ancestry in dealing with the "white/black" dichotomy.

2) The differences between "blacks" and other "minorities" in dealing with multiracial people who do not wish to identify with them.

3) Do unofficial interracial families (families with members who claim to be "light-skinned blacks" and "dark-skinned blacks") have the same problems as official interracial families (families whose members officially identify with different "races")? Does their denial of their multiracial reality create MORE problems than those experienced by "official" interracial families?

4) In "interracial" marriages with "blacks," how often does the "white" or other non-black spouse take affirmative steps to pass his/her heritage and identity on to the children? How often do these spouses step aside and assume that the "black" parent is the "expert" on all "racial" matters?

5) What is the rate of endogamy among multigenerational "mulattoes"? How often do they seek spouses from a similarly mixed "racial" background?

6) In marriages between "mulattoes (first generation or multigenerational) and "whites," are the predominately "white" children more likely to identify as "white"? Is the "mulatto" spouse more likely to do so? If the "mulatto" spouse upholds the "one drop" myth and identifies him/herself as "black" as well as the children, what psychological problems does that impose on children who usually look as "white" as their "pure white" schoolmates?

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