Letters to the Editor

European Perspective

It has taken a very long time – two to three hundred years of the ‘dark’ ages of nationalism – for Europeans to start to understand the right of a people to self-determination. The conflicts in Bosnia and the Basque region for instance show that the processs of understanding has just began. In the United States; however, a similar process has not yet began.

In the past in Europe, people were classified automatically, usually by others, based on their religion. In the United States people have been classified by Whites based on their color of skin and ancestry. Today, many Europeans believe that for example your nationality is independent from your ancestry, but depends on your own determination. You are what you believe to be. Today, in the United States a new form of the Masters of classification have arisen. No more white Masters, but black Masters who believe that the rights of others are neglictable and the ‘mules’ mixracial people can be sacrificed on the altar of the black religion. Can they be sacrificed?

Yes, they can be sacrificed, unless they become militant and fight for their rights. I am not a multiracial activist, I am a plain white man. Am I free of bises – No. I am at least honest. However, I believe because I have been brought up under the opressive government of Poland (1981 – 1983 Marshall Law) that any opressors black or white should be taken care of.


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