Student Looking for Contacts for Research Project

I am conducting field research for anthropological/ethnographic study on individuals and groups who are involved in the movement for establishing a “multiracial” classification. I am eagerly seeking to make any contacts with persons who are participants in or are familiar with these activist efforts. While I am especially seeking to establish contact with individuals in metro-Atlanta, I would eagerly welcome anyone who has any perspectives, insights, or information regarding activist efforts on behalf of mutiracial/multiethnic/multicultural communities in the United States to contact me; any help you can provide for this project– which is for my senior thesis in cultural anthropology– will be tremendously appreciated. Feel free to email me at: ANTROPLGO@AOL.COM ; and I can be phoned at (770) 751-1755 or
sent “snail mail” to the address:

Justin Mihalick
4780 Weathervane DR
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Again, I will greatly appreciate any suggestions or names of appropriate persons or organizations that I may contact (especially in the Atlanta area) Thank you.

Justin Mihalick

Tuesday, 15-Sep-98 07:14:30

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