Study of Asian-American Jews

From: Patricia Y.C.E. Lin

STUDY of people who are ASIAN-AMERICAN and JEWISH (religious or not)

In the coming years, due to adoption, intermarriage and conversion, population of people who are Asian-American and Jewish will grow exponentially. For the first ever book on the experience of this population, I am interested to hear from people who are Asian-American and Jewish, and from the parents of such people. Respondents may be multiracial, adopted or a convert to Judaism. I would also like to hear from the adoptive Jewish parents of young Asian children, and the biological parents of multiracial Asian-Jewish children. I am interested in the experiences of all types of Jews – from secular to Orthodox. I hope to gather the experiences through a questionnaire, and if possible, a personal interview. (All names will be kept confidential.) A major publisher has already expressed strong interest in publishing this book.

My book will consider the ways in which Asian-American Jews live their lives, religiously, socially, culturally and politically. How do they negotiate their Jewish and Asian-American identities? How are they treated by the Jewish and Asian-American communities and the broader American public? My hope is that my book will not only add to the academic understanding of the Asian-American Jewish community but also have practical significance by assisting leaders of the Jewish and Asian-American communities to better serve this population in the future.

If you are interested in participating, please send your name, address and phone number to

All contact information will remain confidential. I am keeping a list of the emails of people who would like to contact other Asian-American Jews. If you would like to be on that list, please let me know. Otherwise, you email will remain private.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. My bio and references are included below. Thank you for considering to participate in this important study.

Patricia Y.C.E. Lin, Ph.D.
Institute for Leadership Development and Study of Pacific and Asian North American Religion
Pacific School of Religion
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA 94709

Contact address:
722 Washington Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
Tel: (510)-527-8127


Dr. Patricia Y.C.E. Lin is a Scholar-in-Residence at the Institute for Leadership Development and Study of Pacific and Asian North American Religion, Pacific School of Religion, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. She received her B.A. from Princeton University and her M.A./Ph.D. in European History from the University of California, Berkeley. A Fulbright Scholar, she also engaged in private study with Rabbi Mark Solomon of Leo Baeck College, London. Dr. Lin, a daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and a Jew-by-Choice (convert to Judaism), has led services and delivered sermons in the United States and England, and lectured widely on the topic of Asian and Asian-American Jews. Currently a consultant to the Jewish Museum of New York, Dr. Lin has previously been a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Jewish and Community Research, San Francisco where she wrote substantial portions of a report on racial and ethnic diversity in the American Jewish community. Her publications include Religious and Spiritual Change in America: the Experience of Marin County, California (2002) (co-authored with Gary Tobin, Ph.D.) as well as articles on the experience of war in European History.


To confirm my study and credentials, please contact:

Professor Fumitaka Matsuoka, Director, The Institute for Leadership Development and Study of Pacific and Asian North American Religion, Pacific School of Religion, Graduate Theological Union, 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709. Phone: (510)-849-8209. Fax: (510)-845-8948. Email:

Professor Thomas W. Laqueur, Department of History, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720, email: Phone: 510-549-2170.

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