She Likes Us, She Really, Really Likes Us

This evening, I received an interesting email titled “I don’t like your website” from a real sweetheart named Denise Fillyaw. She’s bound to win hearts and minds everywhere with this approach:

I happened to stumble upon your website when researching the safest place to stay in America, because one of my co-workers asked me where is the safest place. I’m scared of New York because minorities tend to be dangerous. Not all, but most. I’m scared of the midwest and hillbilly south because of inbred dangerous redneck militias. I learned from my life’s experience that people in all races, from the very rich, middle class and poor, and mixed race people are wicked beasts.

I hate your website. I hate your pompous essays about mixed race. I hate black, whites, indians, latinos, arabs, indians, asians and mixed race people who think they are better, but have no pot to piss in. Yeah, Charles Murray is right about iq, blacks do have low iq’s, but slavery, republican and democrat policies, and corrupt black leadership, crime and gangs are to blame. Charles Murray is an apologist for the white elites, the same elites that don’t want good public school funding and give foreign aid to third world tyrants who put their poor third world people in debt. Double edge sword. I am a dark skinned black female, and I refuse to join black groups because they are reverse racist. I’ve been to Nation Of Islam meetings, and it is true that some whites are the devil, but not all. Some whites are not racist at all, but the ones in power and the bigots down south are dangerous. So, so mu! ch for black supremacy. All groups and races try to pretend they are so great. I was talking to a male pig Arab, who are mixed race from the rape of white, Asian and black woman, and he said in the Arab world when the have too many girl babies, and put them in a pile to die.

I think anyone who groups themself by race or by your reverse racist site, mixed race, and have stupid blogs of self pity need to be avoided. All the world is covered with beastly races and ethnic groups yearning for power, and they hide their evilness and division tactics behind flags, ethnic chauvinism, racial divisions and lies—-all are very hateful and dangerous. I hated the bigot pretending to be so open minded Steve Sailer of VDARE. His racism is so obvious. I will not let white, black or mixed race bigots tell me my self worth as a black woman. I will not be statistic and pump out illegitimate babies for violent black men, nor yearn to be wanted for them nor get jealous of white woman and other races for wanting them. Go to hell. I want no part of the American racial cast! e system that still goes on today. The democrats are commnists and the republicans right wing wanna be slave owners. The government allows innocent immigrant across the border to do jobs at slave wages and the union is gone, so that goes to show you how hypocritical pigs like Steve Sailer is; one minute hating Latinos; the next, using their cheap labor, like they did black slaves, for profit.

I hate your stupid stories about mixed race people. Blacks can be racist against whites when they mug them, and whites can be towards blacks. DO SOMETHING IDIOT instead of complaining. The white Republicans wave their flags, but they hire cheap immigrant labor because they don’t want to pay white unions, thought the white unions help keep the Republican party afloat. Blacks support the democrats, yet under Clinton more blacks are in jail, and the black leadership who help develop token programs like affirmative action and welfare(communist and slave-like, and similar to the American south plantation system) and the black loudmouths scream and do nothing, and blacks are at fault because they keep believing these policies. I won’t. Your website is hateful. I hate it with passion. You divide people. I think more people around the wor! ld should wake up to people who want to divide people or force people together for racial, political reasons. It seems your own race, or in the case of your stupid website, multiracial, want to pit people together. Do you have an agenda to divide people more.

In a better world, probably after the nuclear war of WWWIII, I would ban any discrimination, slavery, economic, sexual, racial or religious. A human being, animals and plants would all have equal rights. Rape would be abolished and so would national borders. Race is important, because different races arise from climate, but no one should be banned from any land area. Charles Murrays theory on IQ is correct, but the reasons for low IQ, slavery, lack of education and human rights, lead to that condition in the first place, so the IQ question would be a joke. Nazi scientists said blacks couldn’t run fast, and that Jack Johnson could not box, but blacks weren’t allowed to box in the first place, and now racists are saying that blacks are superior because they now dominate the sport!!! This is the double edge sword that must be broken.

Blacks use excuses, East Indian Hindu use excuses, whites use excuses and multiracials use excuses—no more excuses! No more dividing people by class, race, education. Go to hell! BLUECATGIRL STRIKES AGAIN

P.S. I hate and the national alliance, and the atzlan movement loz voz, and I hate hindu fascist pigs like boutrous galli and D’Sousza and I hate fascist street gangs(in all races) I HATE YOU ALL

Ain’t she cute?


  1. My thoughts exactly. She and I could have been twins because we think alike!

    7/22/2005 12:15

  2. This reminds me of something I heard in a movie a long time ago:
    “When people hate so much, with so much hate, it’s something in themselves they’re hating.”

  3. I haven’t figured out who she doesnt hate. But misanthropy is fine by me. It’s egalitarian.

    Comment by matthew hogan — 9/25/2005 @ 6:47 pm

  4. She has one or two good points about equality being a pro and segregation of any sort being a con, but all in all, this lackluster attempt at a scathing indictment made me go a big floppy one. Where’s the creativity in antagonists anymore? Bald-faced hatred is so passe; if you’re going to be misanthropic at least put something into it!

    Comment by Dione C. — 10/7/2005 @ 7:18 pm

  5. Hate comes with in you poor mixed up nut get a grip, by the way i have a high i.q. hummm

    Comment by louis bass — 10/16/2005 @ 12:26 pm

  6. Wow!!! that is one unhappy woman. She needs to realize that life is too short to be so bitter and unhappy….

    Comment by AB — 11/27/2005 @ 12:27 am

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