Letters to the Editor

RPI Update

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 2:01 PM
From: "Ward Connerly"
Subject: RPI Update

Dear RPI supporter:

I know that as a member of this special RPI mailing list, you have been receiving a lot of e-mails from me lately, but we're near the end of our signature drive and I want to give you an update on our progress, and I want to make a last, final push before next week's deadline.

When you first advised us of your desire to help me put the Racial Privacy Initiative on the November 2002 California ballot, we projected we'd need 200,000 volunteer sigs. Last week, that gap had been narrowed to 150,000 signatures.

I'm happy to report that as of today, with one week left to get those signatures into our office, we need 50,000 volunteer signatures to put us over the top. This is very doable! I'm doing my part, and I ask you to do yours. Therefore, I have a specific request to make. If each and every one of you on this list of our most dedicated volunteers will

(1) go to our website (www.acrc1.org);
(2) download a petition and print 4 copies of that five-line petition;
(3) fill up those petitons by getting 20 additional signatures over and above what you've done; and
(4) get them into our office by Wednesday, April 17 (we suggest you mail them no later than Monday, April 15) then this initiative will qualify. You have the entire weekend and several business days between now and then to do this.

It's now or never, my friends. Don't do this just to realize equality in our lifetime; do this for our children and their children, so that all of them — white, black, Hispanic, Asian, mixed — will be equal in the eyes of the government. Otherwise, Proposition 209's guarantee of "no discrimination and preferences" will not achieve 100% compliance, and the people's message of a colorblind government will fall on bureaucratic deaf ears. We must not be satisfied with 75% compliance on 209 — we must take away the divisive boxes the politicians and bureaucrats use to circumvent 209 in Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Beverly Hills and elsewhere.

Some of you on this special list are out of state and have expressed regret you can't sign our petitions. But, we want to keep you informed of our efforts because this is a national movement, and if we succeed in California, as George Will wrote recently in his endorsement of RPI, we can restore common sense and unity for the other 7/8 of the American population.

Some of you have sent in money, and I thank you for that. Every bit helps, and as I have said before, if you want to lighten the load in your wallet or pocketbook, then I'd be happy to accommodate you. And for those of you in a position to sign or circulate petitions in California, now is the time to spend a few hours at your neighborhood, mall or supermarket. It doesn't take much time to get 20 signatures. We are so very close to the finish line, and I ask you to help us a little more. If we finish strong, we are well on our way to making history again — restoring unity to a fractured racial landscape.

P.S. – If you need help downloading the petition please feel free to call our staff at the number below.

With deep gratitude,
Ward Connerly

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