Racial Privacy

The lovely Michelle Malkin on a subject close to my heart, abolition of racial classifications:

The victory against racial preferences in Washington state, which I witnessed firsthand, was stunning. Connerly, founder of the American Civil Rights Institute and a California university regent, helped Initiative 200 overcome slimy, deep-pocketed opposition from the business, civil rights and media elite. It garnered a whopping 58 percent of the vote, with substantial support from Democrats, independents and women.

Connerly’s latest crusade has similar wide appeal. The Racial Privacy Initiative would bar California government officials from requiring people to check off their race when they apply for a job, register for school or have a child. It would abolish those oppressive little boxes that encourage college applicants, for example, to cram themselves into one of a litany of categories, including “African American,” “American Indian/Alaska native,” “East Indian/Pakistani,” “Chinese/Chinese American,” “Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Pacific Islander,” “other Asian (not including Middle Eastern),” “Mexican American/Chicano,” “other Spanish American/Latino,” “white/Caucasian (including Middle Eastern),” and simply “other.”

These nasty little classifications have been contributing to America’s “racial” problems from the beginning of our nation’s history. It is far past time for Americans to abandon the insidious concept of biological “races” and deconstruct the arbitrary “racial” walls dividing one American from another. Continually dividing each other by “race” reinforces the concept that one group of Americans are so different from another group of Americans that they must be viewed differently and as a nasty consequence of this type of thinking, treated differently. These “racial” classifications do not end or lessen “racism.” These classifications do, however, reinforce the concept of “race”, which in turn fosters the twin demons of superiority and inferiority. This is government-coerced segregation of the body, mind and spirit. It violates the most basic fundamental principles of privacy and fairness. It is just plain wrong and if we are to survive as a free nation, we can no longer allow it.

I can personally check more than one box on Census and other government forms that collect “racial” data along with my wife and children. I’d no sooner campaign for David Duke, than go along with this disgusting government sponsored form of collectivism. As a member of the steering committee on the Racial Privacy Initiative, I ask for other organizational leaders and individuals to endorse the RPI. Click here for more details.

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