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Letter to Reps

Date: Friday, April 12, 2002 7:37 PM
From: "Ward Connerly"
Subject: Letter to Reps

Our Fellow Republicans:

The demographics of California are changing rapidly. Our population is dynamic, with our people marrying across lines of race and ethnicity, having children and raising families, and melting into that cauldron that we call the "melting pot." In order for our state to survive as a diverse and healthy society and to keep its promise of equal treatment to all of us, without regard to race, color or ethnicity, the people of California, in 1996, overwhelmingly approved Proposition 209.

Although 209 was initially opposed by those who failed to see the wisdom of its vision, last week the headlines in virtually all of our major newspapers in California called attention to the fact that the number of "minorities" accepted for admissions to the University of California for the class of 2002-2003 is higher than existed prior to the passage of 209. This confirms that policies promoting equality do not adversely affect any segment of our state.

Now, it is time to do that which we believe the overwhelming majority of the residents of our state crave: make our government truly colorblind and reinforce the integrity of 209. The undersigned are commited to the principle that the government should not be classifying its citizens on the basis of skin color or from what part of the world our ancestors came. The government should not be asking its citizens, "What is your race?"

The Racial Privacy Initiative, which will accomplish this objective, is now being circulated for signatures and we have until April 19, 2002 to qualify this initiative for the ballot. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We ask you to join this effort by visiting the website at www.acrc1.org, downloading two petitions, obtaining 10 signatures and getting them to the campaign office by April 17, 2002.

Time is short and you can make a difference to guarantee that the government starts getting out of the race business. Imagine what it would be like if we could create a society in which people saw themselves as members of one American family and not divided by hyphens. Imagine what it would be like if we didn't have to worry about ethnic and racial politics and all of the divisiveness that accompanies this practice. Now is our chance to at least try to move our state and our nation in this direction.

Please join us and visit the website and help us qualify the Racial Privacy Initiative for the ballot. Sincerely,

Bill Morrow
California State Senator

Sam Aanestad
California State Assemblymember

Ward Connerly
Chairman, American Civil Rights Coalition

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