Border Patrol

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, just IM’ed me regarding Border Patrol stupidity. My friend is one of the growing number of “racially ambigious” Americans. He is conservative with a strong libertarian streak and proud to be American, a college student and an overall nice guy. He’s waiting on the bus in a Northern state near the Canadian border, in the city he has lived in for years, when he gets questioned by some Border Patrol idiot on his ancestry. The asshole questions him about where he is from, as if his ancestry is any of his business. My friend was not crossing the border, he was just trying to catch a bus. Why is the fucking Border Patrol questioning American citizens riding public transit? What’s next? You know what’s next:


“What? You don’t have your PAPERS?!”

“Come with me comrade.”

Border Patrol should not be harassing individuals at bus stops, demanding to know “where they are from.” Unfortunately, my friend is not the only “racially ambigious” person to deal with this indignity. Another individual contacted me and told me his story. He was picked up by INS agents in another border town and carted off to a remote location where he was questioned for several hours on his background. Apparently these INS idiots have never seen a person of “black” and “white” ancestry before. And these morons are supposed to make us feel safe? I guess if I was a neocon, I would, but I know better.


  1. Dude they’re just doing their job. If they didnt do it tactfully well then they should have, but in all fairness unlawfull immigration is at an all time high and they were doing their job. Peace.

  2. Oh yes, when American citizens are abducted at gunpoint and illegally detained for hours at a time for the sole crime of “racial” ambiguity we should all just cheer them on. Give me a fucking break. My friend and other American born “multiracial” individuals have been illegally detained and stripped of their 4th and 5th Amendment rights for no reason. And you are making excuses? Dude, it was Benjamin Franklin who said that those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither. He was talking about you.

    10/10/2003 12:48:17 AM

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