Jose Padilla

Newsday gets one right. Padilla is “one nasty piece of work” as their editorial from yesterday states. But he is also an American citizen.

“Our tripartite government of executive, legislative and judicial branches, was designed so that the power of each would be checked and balanced by the others. As vexing as an inclusive debate over rights in wartime is sure to become, the nation needs to have that discussion. Jose Padilla is no poster boy for American values. But he is an American citizen. The Constitution either protects everyone or it protects no one.”

It’s time for Ashcroft to come clean. Why is Lindh, captured overseas in a combat zone, getting the right to a jury trial in the U.S., while Padilla, captured on American soil gets put in a Naval brig for who knows how long without charges or legal representation? I’m no attorney but, something stinks at inJustice right now. Ashcroft can’t have it any old way he wants it. If a Democrat was pulling these kinds of stunts, you just know Ashcroft would be among the first to cry foul. It’s time to sack up Johnny, acknowledge the Constitution as a whole or take your ass back to Missouri.

Update: Timothy at Charge Jose Padilla has passed on his url to me. Give it a visit and maybe help out.

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