DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans

Nicholas Wade of The New York Times on DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans:

By studying the DNA of an ancient people in Malaysia, a team of geneticists says it has illuminated many aspects of how modern humans migrated from Africa.

The geneticists say there was only one migration of modern humans out of Africa; that it took a southern route to India, Southeast Asia and Australia; and that it consisted of a single band of hunter-gatherers, probably just a few hundred people strong.

Because these events occurred in the last Ice Age, when Europe was at first too cold for human habitation, the researchers say, it was populated only later, not directly from Africa but as an offshoot of the southern migration. The people of this offshoot would presumably have trekked back through the lands that are now India and Iran to reach the Near East and Europe.

Read the rest here to learn more about our origins. Link courtesy of Amy Harlib. Also posted on Taking The Gloves Off.

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  1. Mondez: Why are you lumping all anthropologists into the same category with those you feel have disrespected African cultures? Name some names and specific instances if you wish. However, do not commit the offense of assigning group guilt on this weblog again.

    8/12/2005 5:35:37 PM

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