Domestic Surveillance

Today on – Feds Deny Asking ISPs to Watch E-mails:

“The White House denied a Washington Post report Thursday alleging that the Al Qaeda terrorist network is working on using online and stored data to disrupt the workings of power grids, air traffic towers, dams, and other infrastructure. But a White House official did acknowledge that Al Qaeda has an interest in developing such abilities.”

“And it’s that interest that has technology circles wondering if the federal government is going to follow the European Union’s lead in passing legislation that would allow the government to mine data on customers saved by ISPs.”

The Global Internet Liberty Campaign, stop1984 coalition and Marco Cappato failed in our attempts to stop the EU from moving forward with authorizing data retention of ISP traffic.

Our letters can be found here:

The Administration can say they don’t have plans for such data retention here, if they want, but I don’t believe it, nor should you. Also, anyone think that the Administration won’t be making convenient use of European ISP’s in order to track Americans online as well?

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