Saudi Arabia vs. U.S. Children

Joel Mowbray in

For nearly 17 years, Alia and Aisha had been denied exit visas because of “Saudi law.” State actually expects people to believe the girls magically decide to go “on vacation” on the very same weekend that a Congressional delegation travels to Saudi Arabia to rescue them?

Of course, the government needs access to Saudi bases and certain friends of POTUS need to do business with their oil companies so we don’t do anything that resembles acting like we had a spine with regard to the 15 or so American born children that have been abducted by Saudi fathers and forced into a life of second-class citizenship. It is long past time to stop pretending that Saudi Arabia is our ally, even though they’d have been a province of Iraq for the past decade without our help.

Further, Joel Mowbray has this to say in another piece:

Bill O’Reilly has done some great journalism, and he’s even achieved major reforms on important issues. Maybe that impressive track record made him a little too ambitious in this instance: He decided he could in one month solve a 16-year ordeal. There was no way he could have – nor should he have tried. With genuinely good – but sorely misguided – intentions, he stepped all over a situation he never should have inserted himself into in the first place.

I’m no O’Reilly fan, but I can’t fault him for trying. The point is, however, he shouldn’t have had to try. Our government’s willingness to ignore the fascist actions of our so-called “friends” has ruined lives and destroyed families. If there were any justice, State would have been all over this years ago.

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