Letters to the Editor

Cathy Hughes

Date: Sun, January 12, 2003 5:08 pm
From: Bobbie in Atlanta
Subject: Cathy Hughes

For the things I am about to say some may call me a racist. Whatever…Whatever I am, I’m a Christian. I love people and I love the Lord. I dislike lies and deception. Name calling won’t stop my voice. I’m African/Mixed race/Israelite. Grandfather mulatto/White from the New Orleans’ confusion.

There is a shake up of the Radio One stations in Atlanta, Georgia. The Black personalities on various radio stations are being replaced by Whites. I wish someone would investigate this to see what is going on. Ms. Hughes, Founder/Owner of Radio One, seems to enjoy putting Whites in positions where Blacks could be. I’m not an employee of Radio One. I’m an outside observer, 20years on my job. So, I have no reason other than sincere concern. For a couple of years now, I’ve wanted to contact Hughes to ask her, do she as a Black woman hear the “music” that is played on her hip hop stations, to young weak minded Black kids/teenagers. I was listening to a hip hop station in Atlanta, and was shocked to hear the Dee Jay, along with a rap song, say…”Its your body, its your body, you can use crack if you want to.” How tragic. I believe the day will come when a question will be put to the Blacks of America: Why didn’t you rise and seek true freedom when you had the opportunity. Whites rose to power on the blood and sorrow of Africans/African Americans. Now Blacks rise to power on the blood and sorrow of Blacks, then run the Blacks off and put up White fronts that everyone see. I LOVE to see us rise but I hate to see us rise wrongly forgetting, denying and always reaching to please Whites. We soon awake to reality and failure. We can make and keep us strong, if we would not be afraid to embrace each other. These are all the great reasons why our progress is hindered. We are becoming afraid to think Black, act Black, be Black, marry Black…. So many of us in meaningful positions of life/business/government. Yet, we are on a collision course heading down hill. Where are the voices of our past that warned us when we were in trouble, the unfearful, disenfranchising voices that were able to see through the smoke screens, that spoke to the masses and rallied them to worthy causes? We say we are doing so well, yet Aids rage highest among African Americans, Africans every where. Why and How? No. I don’t believe the reasons given. Are we defeated at last here? We have become like our enemy, and have become our enemy. We have a day of celebration…therefore, we let the Caucasian get away with lies in our history. We let them time and time again, give us Rosa Parks, MLK for our Black history, and our rich African Egyptian and Israelite history is denied us.

I’m sorry. I really only meant to write about Cathy Hughes. When will we/Blacks start to fight again? We need to fight in a “time of peaceful relations of the races,” when our causalities are the highest from deception, the genocide of Aids, drugs and soon the Smallpox hoax.

Bobbie in Atlanta

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