Critics, Critics, Critics.

Some of the brain surgeons over at Stormfront have decided they don’t like my primary website The Multiracial Activist very much. Shock of schocks. Like all such bigots, be they “white” or “black” they attribute motives and beliefs to me that I don’t possess and have never possessed.

It’s interesting that “black” supremacists, like those with Farrakhan fetishes think I’m allied with “white” supremacists in a plot to intermarry the “black” population out of existence. On the other hand, the “white” supremacists think I’m involved in a conspiracy to intermarry the “white” population out of existence.

Geez, what a powerful and scary guy I must be. Ya’ll must be scared to death.

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  1. Hey! I’m frightened by your stance! GRRR!
    I happen to like your primary website, but I could just be saying that to be politically correct. Lol!

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