Affirmative action or racism

Walter Williams on Affirmative action or racism:

It would seem to me that any fair-minded person would find that the Affirmative Action III practices of the University of Michigan offend every principle of decency. For those who might support the practice, I’d like to ask whether they’d object if the practice were done in reverse. That is, give white students a 20 point bonus that’s denied to black students. Or admit only 8.6 percent of black law applicants who have a 3.81 GPA and LSAT score of 161, and admit 100 percent of white students with those qualifications.

For black politicians, civil rights organizations and white liberals to support the racist practices of the University of Michigan amounts to no less than a gross betrayal of the civil rights principles of our historic struggle from slavery to the final guarantee of constitutional rights to all Americans. Indeed, it was practices like those of the University of Michigan, but against blacks, that were the focal point of much of the civil rights movement.

The sooner we get on with passing the Racial Privacy Initiative in California and then expanding the campaign nationwide, the sooner we stop having debates on “racialist” and collectivist concepts like affirmative action.

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