Lieberman: like Lott

Ruben Navarrette Jr., writing for The Dallas Morning News on affirmative action:

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice had appeared on the show moments before Lieberman. Asked her view of affirmative action, Rice said that she thought colleges should be able to consider race as one factor in an applicant’s portfolio, but that the Michigan program — which includes a point system — might have gone too far.

When he got his turn, Lieberman disagreed. He said that the Michigan program was perfectly fine, and that minority applicants are simply given a hand up.

Lieberman should have stopped there. He didn’t. He marched on. And that’s when he stepped in it.

In fact, Lieberman insisted, “it is exactly programs like the Michigan program that helped a star like Condi Rice get to where she is today.”

Stop the tape! Did Al Gore’s running mate in 2000 and now the presumed front runner for the 2004 Democratic nomination actually say that one of the highest-ranking women in the United States government — and a black woman at that — has gotten where she is because of affirmative action? This from the man who wants to lead the party that bills itself as enlightened and sensitive on racial matters.

Oh no Joe! Navarrette goes on to chastise Lieberman for his ignorance and rush to discount Rice’s hard work by labeling her an affirmative action baby.

Thanks for clearing that up, Joe. Given what I’ve read of Dr. Rice — including a recent cover story in Newsweek — I had assumed that her path from Birmingham, Ala., to the White House inner circle had been blazed by hard work, sacrifice, discipline, intellect and making the right choices in life.

Then he goes on to call out the NAACPs of the world on their double standard of letting liberals get away with saying damn near anything, so long as they’re a registered Democrat.

Lieberman’s remark was offensive, and African-American groups should say so loud and clear. If they hold their tongues — and do so because Lieberman is a Democrat — they lose all credibility. They also lose the right to complain the next time a Republican says something stupid about race — which could be any moment now.

I concur. In fact, I said something similar two years ago regarding Democrats and Diane Watson.

I’ll tell you what gives, if you are a Democrat it’s okay to espouse bigoted views, if you aren’t a Democrat, “better toe that line boy.” Let’s not even start talking about the dozens of Democrats who have cozied up to the Nation of Islam, which opposes interracial marriage so much that it has called for it to be made illegal. I take issue with bigots like Senators Robert Bennett, Robert Byrd, Trent Lott AND Ambassador Diane Watson. I take issue with any legislator who validates the Nation of Islam’s anti-“interracial” separatist agenda (see: point 10) by meeting with them. None of them have any business legislating. Unfortunately, Democrats will only take issue with Lott and Bennett. Robert Byrd and Diane Watson are their kind of bigot – fellow Democrats. So, Ambassador Watson has a free pass to disparage “interracial” marriage to her heart’s content. She will likely soon have the power of a seat in Congress to make those hideous beliefs seem valid and acceptable. But that’s okay you know, she’s a Democrat.

Okay, send the hate mail now.

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