IAEA and Project Echelon?

Les Dabney has been on the receiving end of strange traffic from the International Atomic Energy Agency (chartered by the U.N.) as reflected by his referral logs. It appears from reading the comments to his posting that others have also been getting this traffic as well. Maybe this is an issue for Declan McCullagh to cover in Politechbot.

Have you ever been looking at your referrer logs and notice a site linking to you but when you visit that site there is no discernible link? I get these every now and then and it is usually just one hit and I forget about it but these guys have been showing up in my referrer log a lot lately. I can’t find anything on their website that points back to me but the hits are slowly climbing. Odd.

I get hits from them as well. I had originally thought I was getting the hits because I had for a short time been employed as a contractor in the Dept of Energy’s Office of Fissile Materials Disposition and it’s mentioned in my bio. I thought that a former coworker may now be employed there and gave it no more thought.

The Multiracial Activist used to get tons of hits from the Department of Justice. This was at the same time that we wer involved in a protest against racial classifications on the Census. The DOJ folks were particular interested in reading the letters to the editor pages. Strange. After I publicly remarked on the DOJ traffic on one of letters pages it died down. Either that or they started coming in through a cloaked server. Either way, the IAEA traffic is equally disturbing. If only, because I don’t know why it’s happening. My guess is that it may be related to Project Echelon style data collection.

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