Melting Pot Musings

Charley, over at Shut up Charley! had this to say on the topic of “multiracial” children and “interracial” marriage:

There are of course doomsayers who speak in hushed tones about the dire consequences that are certain to befall the selfish and short sighted parents of these “mixed” kids. Bullocks! My kids, the oldest of which is 18, have been teased no more or no less than any other child on the playground. And only once, when my oldest was in primary school, did the issue of race raise its’ substantial head. Kids get teased for an infinite number of reasons. Being all white or all black will not save them from that initiation into adolescence. So, let me make this pronouncement for all to hear and see: anyone who tells you that you should not considering dating or marrying a person of another race because of the children… is a closet racist hiding shamelessly behind their own cowardice and small defenseless babies. They are hardly worth your consideration or your friendship.

I hear you Charley. No need to shut up on this one.

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