TIA Filters

Dan Caterinicchia of Federal Computer Week on DARPA funds TIA privacy study:

Under the contract, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Palo Alto Research Center engineers will focus on creating privacy filters, “aliasing” methods and automated data expunging agents to protect the
privacy of U.S. citizens and people not involved with foreign terrorists, said Patrick McCabe, program manager in the directorate’s Information and Intelligence Exploitation Division.

Umm, here’s an idea. If you don’t put my information in a database in the first place, you don’t have to create “aliasing” filters. Further, I’ve no real reason to believe that the Administration is serious about limiting the amount of data in the database, or protecting my privacy. This is most likely a $3.5 million smokescreen. After the lies and disinformation coming from Bush and Co. recently, I’ve no incentive to believe anything coming out of the Administration anymore.


Link courtesy of Patrice McDermott via the In Defense of Freedom mailing list.

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