The Enemy of My Enemy…

An interesting statement regarding the Racial Privacy Initiative:

It is reasonable to believe that the RPI, if passed, may further the creation of a mixed race Tan Everyman as the norm in society, and may help to further break down taboos that have kept the races from blending into this Tan Everyman. In other words, its effect would be to be a step toward the genocide of distinct races.

The words above are from “racialist” H. Millard, a detestable jackass who writes for the disgusting publication New Nation News, whose sole purpose for existence seems to be to provide links to any “black” on “white” crime that they can find on the net.

Such comments are quite reminiscent of the hate-speech emanating from traditional civil rights organizations and many on the left during the “multiracial” Census classification battles of the late 1990s. I was there. It was ugly. That’s all I have to say about that.

It is quite telling to see “racialists” like Millard and traditional civil rights organizations locking arms and fighting against the abolition of slavery-era “racial” classification schemes. Interestingly enough, Millard, like many of the proponents of continuing use of “racial” classifications on the left, has also attacked the concept of “multiracial” individuals in his commentary Looney Tunes Whacko Blenders Push Genocide. Since I first founded The Multiracial Activist in 1997, I’ve heard plenty of garbage similar to that spewed by Millard in the previous link. The only difference being that those spewing such filth were speaking on behalf of the NAACP and other organizations.

It seems that the bigots on the left are finding new friends with the bigots on the right. They can have each other. I don’t want any of them. I prefer to travel in more tolerant and civilized circles.

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