Tearing Down the Police State

The Multiracial Activist, has been a co-plaintiff in a two-year-old lawsuit against the Department of Justice regarding the secret detentions of Muslims and Arabs following September 11, 2001. For more information on this lawsuit, click here.

Back in September, I announced on my personal weblog that the plaintiffs had elected to petition the Supreme Court for a review of the case. The Department of Justice has countered our application and a group of media outlets have filed an amicus brief supporting our application. Relevant links are below:

In lieu of the recent decision ordering the release of Jose Padilla from military custody, I am hopeful that this lawsuit will get a proper hearing by the Court. The Bill of Rights, contrary to the mindless bleating of so many sheep on the right, aren’t just a little part of some old-ass document. They’re the founding principles on which our most important freedoms are based. They separate us from the Saddam Husseins of the world. Its time we got about the business of restoring them to their rightful place, lest we be no better than those who fly airplanes into skyscrapers…

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