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Well. I received this lovely email by Mr. Alejandro Cruz from

To the inferior creature reading this:

Hi, I was just visiting your site and could not help but send my thoughts. First of all, racism is not just about skin color, it is about a number of things. For example, in my school, althought blacks were only 20% of the students, they accounted for most of the problems, BY FAR!!! You know this is true. Blacks seem to have an “attitude” and are constantly misbehaving and causing mayhem. They are loud, obnoxious, nowhere as intelligent as whites, in one word, INFERIOR. Second, why do so many black professional athletes marry white women? You know why? Because those women represent real beauty, just like all whites do, especially the Nordic type. Honestly, who wants to marry a nasty, bitchy black woman, with absolutely disgusting hair? Very few people, I’ll tell you that much. Of course, I understand that no matter how disgusting a product, there’s always someone willing to buy it. But if there’s someone who is even more disgusting than niggers, is whites who marry, date, or sleep with them. Those people should be tortured to death in front of everyone. Of course, you approve of mixed relations because that way you can sleep with and marry white men and women, while we get the VERY SHORT END OF THE STICK. Like I already explained to you, blacks are disgusting, and whites are beauty in it’s human form. That’s the bottom line, and you know its true.

Now, I ain’t telling ya’ll to email Mr. Cruz about his poor attitude. But I’m not telling you not to, either.

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  1. Wow! I have never read or heard of such hateful remarks! Mr Cruz needs to crucify his racism and embrace love and justice; honestly, this is the way he can get the healing he needs—the man is sick to the core.
    I am a Somali (black) and my wife is Caucasian. I know this will drive Mr. Cruz crazy but we also have a great marriage!!

    I am praying for Mr. Cruz


    8/5/2004 1:12:37 AM

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