Yet More on Marriage

Experts alarmed by violent trend against foreign brides
Amber Wang, TAIPEI, Taiwan
The China Post

With more men looking for wives in Southeast Asia and other foreign countries, experts are concerned about an alarming trend in increasing cross-cultural marital problems and abuses.

Among the 170,000 couples who tied the knot last year, one in every 8.7 was an intercultural couple, according to the Ministry of Interior (MOI). Over 85 percent of the interracial marriages were between local men and Southeast Asian women.

Of course, this is not the norm for “interracial” marriages in the United States or most places. Bear in mind that while some marriages, as mentioned above, have these issues, it is not the majority, nor is it commonplace in “interracial” marriage. Stories like this are double-edged: the positive being the exposure they bring to a particular problem and the negative being that they unwittingly provide fuel for the fires of anti-miscegenationists.

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