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Caribbean Groups MIA As Advocacy Against REAL ID Act Picks Up Steam
February 9, 2005

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Weds. Feb. 9, 2005: Caribbean-American advocacy organizations were noticeably missing in action from a letter sent to U.S. congressional lawmakers yesterday, voicing opposition to the REAL ID Act.

A close examination of the list of 26 major rights and ethnic organizations and individual advocates who signed on to the letter, revealed no Caribbean groups, despite the fact that hundreds of Caribbean immigrants could be impacted by this measure.

Instead of rabidly ranting and raving about how much money my friend Ward Connerly was paid last year or the fact that he is taking a planned retirement from the Board of Regents (like some folks I know involved in “multiracial” issues), The Multiracial Activist is busy on the national front fighting bad ideas like the REAL ID Act.

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