A New Beginning

Some of you may have noticed that its been a few months since the last issue of The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner. To turn a popular quote, “rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

For good reason too – TMA is undergoing a much needed facelift and upgrade from handcoded html to a database driven format. Would you believe that since April of 1997, I’ve handcoded over 1000 pages of content by myself – in addition to holding down full-time employment (50+ hours a week), USMC reserve training, raising two children and going back to school? That’s all about to change.

Part of the delay in preparing a new issue (set for July 1st – get your submissions in now) involved a move to new servers and the finalization of an agreement to partner with our sister site – Bruin-ou.com of South Africa on relevant issues and a forthcoming co-sponsored website. With our partnership underway and TMA’s conversion beginning, expect things to look a little different around multiracial.com as we upgrade to a portal based experience and integrate (where relevant) with our South African friends.

Also, A Mixed Blog is now back online (https://multiracial.com/blog/) after resolving crippling database issues. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Please stand by, as exciting changes are on the horizon for TMA as we work with our friend Charles Ash of Bruin-ou.com. We aren’t going anywhere folks, regardless of the desires of those who may wish it otherwise. In the meantime, you will notice more and more of the website appearing in the new portal format as the old html pages get folded into the database. Not to worry, old links will be redirected to their new locations and the newer format will be easier to maintain and much more user friendly.

The Multiracial Activist is going to drag itself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century once its all over. And then I can stop handcoding page after page after page!


  1. What is wrong with Black Americans?They are divide at the core,people with “new white blood” in them want to be know as mixed race,multiracial,Coloured,biracial.If people think that their is a African American race and a mixed-race,then their wrong.America is build on the fact that 30% of African Americans are of mixed blood.But blacks of African decent are obsessed with lighter skin tones in North America,South Africa,The Caribbean just totally obessed.I would love to invite people to take a look at the (BLACKS IN AUSTRALIA) Please go to one of their website.They come in all colors as white as white and as black as blacks.Yet they still call them selves black,you know why because they want to show support for one another and because the know how much this world hates everything that stands for black.Not that black people in Australia do not love their other sides but they really know the real demons of racism.I would really like it if you would look up “Australia’s Indigenous” people and you will see what I am talking about.I would sort of understand if we were in Africa, But this is America and still we have people with the Interracial Voice .It’s sad that people choose to distance them self on something that is a part of America’s history.Mixed race America has been around for hundreds of years believe it or not.I think if we move to the point of new mixed race people then we truely are like South Africa’s Apartheid.

  2. Mondez, there is no “new mixed race people”, there are simply multiracial people no longer wiling to lie, adopt a monoracial identity and pretend they don’t exist just to make others (who have no right to make such demands) happy.
    A multiracial person acknowledging their full heritage has nothing to do with “black” people, Apartheid or Australian aborigines. Multiracials do not need your permission to self-identify, nor your guilt trips.

    8/12/2005 5:14:39 PM

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