Tapping Ethnic/Racial Minority Organizations

I am a recent addition to this list. I joined about 2 weeks ago.

The recent discussion about reaching out to other organizations got me thinking. Like many, I’ve been a libertarian for years, I just didn’t know it until last year. I am also interracially married and the father of two multiracial children. I publish a website called The Multiracial Activist which covers issues of interest to interracial couples, multiracial individuals and transracial adoptees.

There are hundreds of sites on the web covering these issues in one manner or another, but the 3 most popular sites on these issues are, coincidentally run by Libertarians. The Multiracial Activist, INTERRACIAL VOICE and INTERracial Family.com. The libertarian movement has our attention and a little of our bandwidth as well. Many of our readers are ready to leave the majority parties and try something different. Many are recovering Dems or Reps who are tired of the two major parties using our marriages and children as pawns in disputes over affirmative action, the Census, etc. We want a libertarian approach to race relations. Don’t make us check boxes, don’t give us extra points for the color of our skin when we apply for college, just leave us alone. That is where our community is headed. Our readers were extremely excited about the LP’s press releases calling for abolition of racial classifications. People are pissed off at the Rep/Dem race game and many will jump the fence to the LP. I’m new at promoting libertarian ideology and need some help to advance the libertarian agenda. Our interracial/multiracial/transracial community is only going to get bigger and bigger. It would be nice if it could continue to get more libertarian at the same time. I’m here to do my part. I’ll publish commentaries with libertarian views on race relations and letters to the editor as well if anyone has anything to provide, new or old. I fully intend to mention/promote libertarians or libertarianism in some form to make my arguments in all of my future

Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist


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